Social democracy and the Mixed Democratic Economy - pls comment


May 3, 2008
Dear friends,

Firstly - let me say that I am reproducing this post to appeal to an audience specifically interested in economic issues.

I've recently published two papers on the question of 'The Good Society'.

Both are published as blog entries on Znet - and explore this question from the perspective of the 'mixed democratic economy' and 'social and liberal democratic consensus.'

The first paper, in particular, is relevant in this section of the forum: for debate on the ideology and practicalities underlining economic policy and issues.

The papers can be found here:

If you feel like commenting in response to these entries, your input would be appreciated and most welcome.

Znet membership is necessary to read the blog entries - but membership is free - and should not be a problem.

The first paper will be published also in the Australian web-journal, 'On Line Opinion' this coming Tuesday. (ie: May 6th)

Your opinions and comments are very welcome. Feel free to comment either here (at House of Politics), or at my Zspace site. (or both!)

Hope to hear back from you soon.

yours sincerely,

Tristan Ewins:

(nb: if anyone is interested in republishing this article - on a blog, electronic journal, or hard-copy journal - feel free to reproduce it - but pls let the author know - thanks :) )

below: the author...

Care to summarise your views here on this forum so we don't have to keep referring back to other sites?

I'll be interested to hear your views on "Social Democracy" as the UK has just finished its 1st May council elections and our "Nu-Labour" Party has just been BUTT F*****D HUGH

:D :D :D :D
Dear readers,

I'm eager to generate some discussion at Znet - to make up for a lack of exposure... (the article was not featured in the 'front page' - and is thus not generating anywhere near as much traffic as I would have liked)

I'm looking to appeal to an international audience with the papers I refer to... In particular, because I felt that the economic and political issues were of global relevance...

To summarise, though, the papers concern as follows:

i) a critique of 'neo-liberal' economics - posing the alternative of a 'mixed democratic economy'. The mixed democratic economy aims to balance spontanaeity and responsive markets, with planning and strategic state ownership in the public interest. (as well as alternative forms of democratic ownership - eg: co-operative ownership)

ii) a critique of liberal democratic 'consensus' and 'social contract'. How to manage social compromise with liberty - including myriad forms of civil disobedience - and struggle for social, economic, political and liberal rights?

Again: For those reading this - Your contribution to the debate is welcome...

After reading this summary - please consider reading the full blog postings at Znet.

Both blog posts can be found here:

nb: Znet membership is necessary to read the blog entries - but membership is free - and should not be a problem.

Ideally, it would be best to generate debate and response BOTH here AND at Znet.

Hope to hear from you all soon.