Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy


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Jun 16, 2008
If an injection of some socialistic regulation into the free market is "evil", then let's invite the Devil for dinner.

Puristic ideals in social structures are the real enemy. Any pure form of political ideology is destined to fail. And we're seeing the fruits of that right now.

If you hate any form of socialism in government then pave your own roads, build your own schools and hire your own police force and military. I love it, the military fighting to promote the cause of pure capitalism. The irony.

Make BigOil hire professional fighters. Why should the populace be forced to pay into a pool that finances a business endeavor where we will realize none of the profit and instead, all of the hurt?

This is a thread to discuss people's views on different political philosophies and why they think they do or do not work.
See, that's just the thing. This deal in Iraq had to be about "terrorism" and "democracy" and "[insert nauseating patriotic buzzword here]"; because if Bush and Cheney stood up and said, "hey, BigOil doesn't want to cut into their profits by hiring mercinaries or assasins to take out key arab leaders to sieze control of Middle East oil, so we need your sons and daughters to go do it for free. And by the way, they need to supply much of their own protective gear.." well, you'd just imagine how willing the public wouldn't be...

We have a bunch of thugs in office screaming "free market" and "capitalism", but meanwhile leaning quite heavily on socialist entities like collosal government bailouts and our military to forward their corporate agendas. We pay at the office, in the battlefield and at the pump. A perfect world for a small elite group of the absurdly shrewd and wealthy.

My point is how long are we going to live in this fabricated construct of reality, built on the shakey foundation of a few patriotic buzzwords with absolutely no true meaning behind them anymore? How long, pardon the expression, will we allow this corporate rape of the United States of America to continue? The act is nearly finished and the body has been dumped in the ditch. She is on the verge of dying, should we drape a flag over her body and call it all good in the name of "democracy????"

I mean, come on people, friggin' wake up. Our nation is being crushed by terrorists all right. It's time to pull off the masks and take a good look at who those terrorists really are..