Springtime in Alaska


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May 28, 2007
Hi Folks,
While it is a bit premature to call it spring at all here with still 4feet of snow on the ground. The days are longer and today fairly warm at +25 or so.

Tonight the last great race, the Iditarod is going to crown its winner sometimes in the middle of the night. The two front runners are less than 30minutes apart in the final 75miles. It could shape up to be a very close finish.

Tomorrow our local winter festival known as Beaver Round Up starts. Yes BRU is the official name and you can post whatever jokes you like about it. Where we have our own smaller dog races, among many other activities and events.

In Anchorage, where they hold the festival known as Fur Rendezvous. Where they did the first annual running of the Reindeer right in downtown Anchorage, apparently over 1,000 people participated but no gorings were reported.

While we may get another stretch of below zero weather before winter finally breaks here, Alaskans are getting ansy about the onset of spring. I cant wait to catch some salmon.
Hey there 9sublime, tis the season in AK to have some good times. Most of us have had 5 months of winter and are looking for a release from the cold and dark.
Also, 9Sublime, I would invite you personally to my town for BRU. Its gonna be a good time. I think the festival would have a great insight to what you percieve as "Alaska"
I envy you too, all that happens when New Hampshire thaws out is we can't throw snowballs at each other anymore.
The best thing about spring in Alaska...is that I'm someplace warmer. About 45 degrees here today, 50+ Friday.

I need to move someplace where 50 degrees is front-page headlines for a week as an unprecedented cold snap. :(
Thanks for the replies so far folks. Tonight was the first night of BRU. We had over 500 people show up to eat KFC chicken. Obviously this would not be a big deal anywhere else, except we dont have a KFC or any fast food chains within 350 air miles. So yes, the wait for two pieces of fried chicken some bad mashed potatos, coleslaw and a biscuit was about an hour. Of course I have had KFC through my travels and it isnt great IMO, but I did show up and it was quite fun seeing all the local kids who had never before eaten it, only seen it on TV.
Also, the US Air Force Band played to a packed house.
Tomorrow, Dog Mushing starts, among other events.