State Department is preventing Biden from accessing messages from foreign leaders


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May 1, 2014
1. Washington (CNN)A stack of messages from foreign leaders to President-elect Joe Biden are sitting at the State Department but the Trump administration is preventing him from accessing them, according to State Department officials familiar with the messages.

Traditionally, the State Department supports all communications for the President-elect, which is why many countries began sending messages to State over the weekend. But with Biden prohibited from accessing State Department resources by the Trump administration, because President Donald Trump refuses to accept Biden's victory, dozens of incoming messages have not been received.

Biden's team is in touch with foreign governments without State Department involvement, and he has held numerous calls with leaders, including Germany's Angela Merkel and Canada's Justin Trudeau. But they are operating without the logistical and translation support that the State Department operations center provides......

Not only is Biden being blocked by the State Department from receiving messages and assistance facilitating and from preparing for calls, on Tuesday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to acknowledge Biden's victory, saying that "there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration," igniting a furor and roiling diplomats.

Biden is also being blocked from getting the same intelligence briefings as the President, known as the President's Daily Brief, and should the Trump administration continue to block a typical transition close to Inauguration Day on January 20, there are concerns Biden's administration will be playing catch-up the day he takes office.....


2. By preventing President-elect Joe Biden from accessing messages from foreign leaders, it is obvious that Trump wants other countries to recognise nobody except himself as the legitimate president in the next four years.

Biden has spoken with heads of government from France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, and Canada, and has received congratulatory messages from many more. The White House incumbent must be blowing his top to find no foreign leaders congratulating his re-election "victory". Such messages are vital indicators of international recognition of the legitimacy of the winner. Hence it won't come as a surprise if the "fake news" president turned fake president will try his utmost to stop his opponent from contacting with foreign leaders -- even by cutting off the telephone lines.

3. Meanwhile, the fake president will be watching and listening closely to whatever the "heat-seeking missile" Pompeo is saying abroad. Pompeo may get the sack if he keeps "joking” to foreign leaders there will be "a smooth transition to a second Trump administration". Trump definitely wants his "most loyal soldier" to bring home the bacon of international recognition of his legitimacy as head of state, not by "joking" but proclaiming loud and clear to foreign leaders that the White House incumbent is determined to stay in power for at least another four years. To the fake president, keeping his “crown” and “throne” is no joke but a must. :)