Steve Irwin video?


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Aug 31, 2006
Was wondering what you guys thought about them maybe releasing the tape of his death? I guess this was all caught on tape. With the way the media is now a days I'm sure it will show up somewhere. They were saying on the news this morning they did not know if it would be release or not? My personal opionion on this is I have no desire to see this video. I really cannot figure out why anyone would really want to see this video.
I wouldn't mind seeing it for shock value but I can understand why they might not release it for public viewing.
I just heard that the police have it for the coroners report. And when there done it is to be destroyed. Hopefully someone don't decide to release it on the internet. But i'm sure it will somehow.
I think he would have wanted it released though. the man did dedicate his life to wildlife research.
If it were released, I would watch it (because I watch everything). But I doubt that most people would want it released, and I also doubt that most people would consider it likely.

I vaguely recall his saying that he would want his death caught on tape- this reminds me that it seems as if he was not unaware of the risks that he was taking when interacting with wildlife.
I'd watch it. In fact, when I heard he'd been killed that way I immediately wondered if it had been caught on film. I agree with the article palefrost referenced, it would be voyeuristic and in poor taste, I can accept responsibility when I make decisions like that.
I don’t think it would be voyeuristic to show the video simply because the man dedicated his life to the study of animals, and more specifically to the study of them in the wild habitats they inhabit. His widow was also in this field of work, and one would think she could in time come to understand the value of such a clip of film. The man died with some form of honor… he died doing what he loved, and we should respect that.
I don't feel it should be released, however, at the same time, I think I may just watch it, just that whole curiousity/shock factor. It's a hard call to make. It's like those Faces of Death movies. Has anyone ever seen those?
Did you see the interview his wife gave to 20/20 the other night? Wow shes a great woman. I have so much respect for her and how shes handling it. How she lived her life and took those chances without any regrets is something i really admire.
Yeah, I watched (one of?) the interview(s) with Terri. It has particular relevance to what has been said on the other Irwin threads (including what I said- I have to revise my position in a few places!)

Also, it has been said that the video will NOT be released.
I think steve is an ispiration to mankind!
I would love to see teh film footage because it seems only natural that it be showed as that was his life!
And yes he did say that he would want his death to be showed on T.V whilst saying the famous word 'crikey'.
I just feel sorry for the loss his children and wife are facing now in a life without such a wonderull man!
Personally, I don't think that it should be released. Would you want to have an accident like that (and it was an accident) happen to you and then have it shown to the whole world? I think it's disrespectful to even consider showing it.

I understand that his daughter, Bindi, will be continuing with the tv show they were working on at the time of his death. I admire the family and wish them luck and much comfort.