support our troops, my backside


Mar 26, 2007
We here this all the time yet there is so much evidence that our own government does not do this.

I am fed up with all the things I see, particularly the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Hospital.

My husband's cousin was deployed recently through the National Gaurd. He left his family behind and a good job. I am certain he is not being compensated fairly for his work and I wonder what type of family benefits he is getting.

I do know he was told to take his own sheets, they don't even provide our soldiers with sheets!!

And the run out of toilet paper so that is a requested item in care packages.

I send out a care package to another young soldier, he requested boots! I couldn't believe that he just couldn't go somewhere and order up a new pair of boots.

And you hear all the time of families buying their loved ones personal armoured protection because it is not provided by the USG

I don't support this war, but I do want all our men and women to be respected and given what they need while over there and when they return. This includes benefits to their families and certainly includes state of the art and humane treatment for any medical care they need as a result of this conflict.
I respect your post valgal and thank you for your dedication to our troops, but I think that you are a bit misinformed in certain aspects of your post.

I don't have a lot of time right now, but essentially the government, yes, is not perfect but conditions under the current administration are better than they were under Clinton.
I am not certain what Clinton has to do with this, he did not send our troops to Iraq poorly prepared to meet their needs there and when they returned home. I do await your information however.