TB Quarantine


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Aug 31, 2006
So has anyone heard about this guy that has been quarantined for TB. I seen an interview with him this morning. The surprising piece of news is that his father in law works for the CDC involved with TB no less. Makes you wonder if maybe that is how he contracted it?
I think they already released a statement saying his disease was not contracted through contact with his father-in-law and his work. Does make you wonder, though.
My question about the father in law is this ....if the guy with TB asked his father in law for advice, what did he say ''fly"????? You would think given the fil's credentials, the jerk would have asked him.
I don't want to judge him, but he was afraid for his life and wanted to come back to the States to get proper treatment. I mean, he was trying to save his life! It is an egostistical thing, maybe he should've wear a mask or something, and pass as "weirdo" like Michael Jackson!
I am with you in some respects. I cannot imagine what I would feel like being stuck in another country and finding out that I for sure had this disease. In away I think that they paniced. Not that it was right that they took the chance of infecting others but I can somewhat see how they might panic and try to get back to the States.
I don't agree about the medical treatment. There's great treatment in Italy not to mention a short drive to Switzerland, which has some of the best medical treatment in the world. Also, Iheard today that the guy's father in law, the TB expert, is undergoing questioning about his involvement in this.
I didn't see that they are investigating the father in law. What exactly are they investigating him for? I just haven't heard yet. Thanks
Apparently, he advised the guy to go ahead and fly and get back to the States. Since he works for the CDC and on TB, in particular, he has some answering to do. This may factor into the reckless endangerment suits which are apparently being filed against Speak.
I don't know all of the details because I'm only getting my news online, so I can't make a truly informed comment. However, based on what I've read, though, I think the father-in-law should lose his job, at the very least.
"During a meeting with Fulton County health officials on May 10, Speaker said he was advised that he was not contagious or a danger to anyone. Officials told him they would prefer he didn't fly, but no one ordered him not to, he said. ... Speaker and his fiancee left Atlanta on May 12 ... tests showed he had not just multidrug-resistant TB, but an extremely drug-resistant strain known as XDR. The CDC got those test results on May 22" (i got these quotes from here)

So they didn't know he had XDR TB (something you wouldn't reasonably assume since theres only been 49 such cases ever) until 10 days after he flew. I don't understand why theres someone at fault here. Its hard to justify baring him from flying, or quarantining him in advance of that knowledge, especially considering he wasn't contagious.

Given that this guy is unlikely to be the last traveler to have resistant TB, it does highlight the need to stay ahead of these diseases with new treatments. The old guard of antibiotics aren't as effective anymore on a variety of diseases they treat. (evolution in action!) How do we motivate drug companies to come up with new treatments for these kinds of diseases when the patient base is so small?
How do we motivate drug companies to come up with new treatments for these kinds of diseases when the patient base is so small?
The blood bankc didn't do anything to develop a test for HIV when it was infecting hemophiliacs. And they were millions of people... Do you think the drugs companies are going to develop something against some disease that has affected only 49 people??? That would not happen, not even if everybody that flew on those planes get that TB and die! The cost/return for something like that is just not worth the investment for those companies. They might look into old stuff and see if that is efficient.