Ted Haggard

Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
This guy is a total creep. After going one-on-one with Richard Dawkins, the foremost evolutionary bilogist to date, and proving himself to be a moron and clearly speaking out against homosexuals has admitted to having a relationship with a gay prostitute, and taking crystal meth.

Ted-what was that about Intellectual Arrogance?
Is there some complex where people hate who and what they are, then take this feeling and direct it towards certain groups? Great clip from The Daily Show.
Yes, projection is a common and highly prevalent factor in certain psychological profiles. I will also cite Alan Jones as a prime example of the same.
There's nothing all that unique about Haggard's situation. Far too many people deny who they really are in one way or another, sometimes even lying to themselves. But the truth eventually has to be faced. The longer you try to deny something that is true about you, the bigger explosion there will be when it comes out.

Projection is definitely the right term to use in this instance.
It just sounds like he hates something about himself so in turn takes it out on a whole group. But you are right the truth eventually comes out and their words and actions come back to haunt them.
I notice that at least one group is urging compassion for Haggard, and one that perhaps most folks would think would be gloating about his outing and current troubles.

Soulforce, which is a group for gay Christians and supporters, is asking their members to write Haggard and let him know there are many people who have struggled with their sexual orientation before coming to grips with it, and that there are other ways to deal with what he is going through than submitting to the controversial "restoration" therapy, which is just a thinly veiled stab at trying to "convert" him from same sex attraction. And that one can be gay and still be a Christian.