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Tens of Thousands Stuck in England Fog - Forbes

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by News, Dec 21, 2006.

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    [SIZE=-2]BBC News[/SIZE]
    Tens of Thousands Stuck in England Fog
    [SIZE=-1]Forbes - 2 hours ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]By RAPHAEL G. SATTER 12.21.06, 12:23 PM ET. Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded Thursday at Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, after a thick blanket of freezing fog forced airlines to cancel hundreds ... [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]'Christmas has been cancelled' [SIZE=-1]Finance24[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Aer Lingus warns of flight delays due to Heathrow fog [SIZE=-1]Ireland Online[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Hindu - Zee News - Times Online - The Age[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]all 690 news articles[/SIZE]


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