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Oct 12, 2008

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

March 18, 2010

"The Obama administration, like every other presidential administration in the last sixty years, does what Israel wants it to do."

The United States may invade and occupy Iraq, undermine elected presidents in Haiti and throw its weight around in numerous ways in numerous parts of the world. Yet there is one country it does not dare to confront. Of course, the nation in question is Israel.

Israel and its allies in the United States make certain that no president, no political party, no congressional leader nor any citizen who wishes to be in any way influential, will dare to step outside the lines of proscribed behavior and discourse. The American public, either because they are aware of the pro-Israel grip on power, or because they have swallowed the propaganda whole, remain cowed and silent.

Israel can do whatever it wants not only with the United States, but with other western nations as well. Mossad agents succeeded in murdering Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabouh in Dubai last month by using doctored British, Irish, French, Australian and German passports and credit cards issued to an Israeli-run bank located in South Dakota. None of the nations involved has uttered more than the slightest peep after having their sovereignty violated in such an obvious manner.

"None of the nations involved in the Dubai assassination has uttered more than the slightest peep after having their sovereignty violated."
Just in case there was any doubt about who is in charge, Israel insulted Vice President Joseph Biden and the United States government when Biden made a recent visit to Jerusalem. Biden made the pro forma journey to go through the motions of requesting that the peace process continue.

The Israelis could have nudged, winked and gone through the pretense of moving forward on a just peace process. Instead they announced that more Jewish housing will be constructed on Palestinian land, embarrassing the Vice President and his boss, who wanted to pretend to be even handed when they and the rest of American political leadership are anything but. The Obama administration, like every other presidential administration in the last sixty years, does what Israel wants it to do. There shouldn’t be any reason for Israel to yank the Americans’ chain so hard and so publicly, but why follow the rules of diplomatic niceties when doing otherwise has been so successful?

The only thing worse than the obvious slap in the face, is the phony outrage surrounding it. No one gets anywhere near a presidential nomination without first swearing obedience to the Zionists and their lobby. If Obama and Biden and Hillary Clinton were truly upset with the Israelis, it is only because they were so blatant in making them all look like chumps.

"No one gets anywhere near a presidential nomination without first swearing obedience to the Zionists and their lobby."

Just a few weeks before Obama was sworn into office, George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice were the victims of an Israeli public beat down. Bush was literally pulled off a stage where he was about to give a speech and forced to take a phone call from then Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert. Rice had worked on a Security Council resolution which merely called for a cease fire in Israel’s massacre of thousands of people in Gaza. Olmert bragged in a press conference, "I said, 'I don’t care; I have to talk to him.’" Not content to tell the world that he ordered the American president to follow his orders, he took a swipe at Rice too. "He gave an order to the secretary of state, and she did not vote in favor of it — a resolution she cooked up, phrased, organized and maneuvered for. She was left pretty shamed, and abstained on a resolution she arranged." It isn’t surprising that Israel would repeat the humiliation just a year later with a different president.

It doesn’t matter if David Axelrod goes on the Sunday morning news shows and fakes outrage about Israel’s settlements. It matters that Israel continues to steal Palestinian land and it matters that only those willing to go along with the crime are allowed to entertain any idea of having a role in United States foreign policy decisions.

"The United States government is actually becoming more and more like Israel."

Far from being angry at Israel, the United States government is actually becoming more and more like that nation. The Obama administration claims the right to carry out extra judicial assassinations just like their Middle East partner in crime. The temporary embarrassment and damage control pronouncements are not worthy of anyone’s attention.

The only lesson to learn from this sorry episode is that nothing new has taken place between the United States and Israel. All Americans are still made complicit in the joint criminality and earn the enmity of most of the world as a result. So don’t believe the hype. There is nothing to see here, just move along.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]The Military KNOWS Israel/Mossad pulled off 9/11 Attacks[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]"We are at war with Israel because Israel is out to destroy us"

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] Ugly-Truth-Radio-Show
March 15, 2010
Guest: Dr. Alan Sabrosky


[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] Dr. Alan Sabrosky, YouTube removed Video/his comments. We have it saved anyway. A tremendous document.[/FONT]​
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]Dr. Alan Sabrosky (partly Jewish himself), former director of studies at the US Army War College says that the military brass now know that Israel and those traitors within our nation committed the 9/11 attack.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]Alan Sabrosky: "Now, technically speaking, we are at war with Israel because she is at war with us. Israel is out to destroy us. We just haven't figured it out yet. …

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]"I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period. …

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] "9/11 has led directly to 60,000 Americans dead and wounded, God knows how many hundreds of thousands of people in other countries that we've killed or wounded or made homeless, and it's an on-going sore. It's not your sore from the USS Liberty, it's not my sore from Vietnam. Both of us have those, both of us care about. But this is an open wound. And what Americans need to understand is that they did it. They did it. And if they do understand that, Israel's going to disappear. Israel will flat-*** disappear from this Earth. …

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] "Well, I can tell you it's being read by some people in Headquarters Marine Corps and at the Army War College. I sent it off to them this past week and I've had some long discussions with people up there, and there's some really, really unhappy people. …[/FONT]​
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] "Well, I can tell you it's being read by some people in Headquarters Marine Corps and at the Army War College. I sent it off to them this past week and I've had some long discussions with people up there, and there's some really, really unhappy people."[/FONT]​
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]Mark Glenn (UT-Radio): What are they saying, if you can talk about that, Dr. Sabrosky?[/FONT]​
Alan Sabrosky: "Astonishment. The first thing, Mark, is astonishment. They didn't know. They truly didn't know. And these are not unintelligent people. They really didn't know.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]"And the next statement is rage. Real rage. And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they're done. …"[/FONT]​
[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]Mark Glenn (UT-Radio): I'd like to know a little bit more about this. I mean, these conversations that you're having with your colleagues who are still serving in uniform. What is the reaction on their part when you tell them things like this?

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]Alan Sabrosky: "First is disbelief, and what I show them immediately afterwards is an interview with a Danish demolitions expert named Danny Jowenko, and it shows the third building at the World Trade Center going down - WTC7. And they look at that, and I said, "Now you understand that if one of the buildings was wired for demolition, all of them were wired for demolition." And that's it. That's the tipping point.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva]"I mean, getting into arguments about who was flying what, and where they were, and whether there was nano-thermite - those things are true, but they're incidental. The thing that's necessary is to tell people: three buildings went down; the third was not hit by a plane, it was wired for controlled demolition, therefore, all of them were wired for controlled demolition. And at that point the reaction is rage. First disbelief, and then rage. …

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva] "Well, it's not that they don't want to hear it, it's that don't know of it. What I have done when I've presented it to these people and I said, 'Just look at this - just look at this picture. I'm not going to give you an argument - just look at it.' And they look at the film and without exception they come back and they say, 'They did it, didn't they.' I said, 'Yep - they did it'."
Any suggestions as to what to do with the Jewish Problem? (do you have a final solution?)
The Jewish Problem in America

By John Anast

The Jewish problem in America has never been more clear and it is a problem for both Jews and non-Jews alike. Jewish Americans have to speak out more forcefully against racist Zionism on the one hand and the ridiculous notion of a "master race" on the other. If American Jews are unwilling to do so, then they are not loyal Americans but loyal instead to a racist apartheid political movement. For most Jews in America, the US is the land of their birth but for some strange reason many cling to and provide support for some notion of a Jewish State. The "Holocaust" industry, which seems to forget about the many poor needy survivors of WWII concentration camps, is not for the benefit of non-Jews but merely to serve as a fund raising tool of the Zionists and more starkly as a political statement against all non-Jews. One cannot serve two masters or have "dual" loyalty. Zionism is not Torah and Israel is not Yshrael. What perhaps many do not realize is that Palestine was not the first choice for the creation of blasphemous Israel, in fact other sites were considered including the territory of modern day Uganda. Palestine was finally picked because it was thought amongst the atheist/satanic Zionists that Jews would provide more money worldwide if Israel were created in Palestine.

The sleeping American public never dreamed or understood and to a large extent remains unaware of the treachery which is perpetrated against them every day. From the shadows and in back rooms, Zionists hatch their schemes in many cases without attribution for fear the American public might one day awaken to their treachery. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) levels his own brand of defamation against US Presidents and US Secretary's of State. This is a prime example of the Jewish problem in America. Mr. Foxman always alleges that somehow everyone is unqualified or somehow stupid to be appointed as Middle East envoy to reach a peaceful resolution in Palestine. There are many more issues more important to loyal Americans and America, but apparently not to Mr. Foxman or to the ADL and its benefactor Israel. I am sure that issues of Iraq and bringing the troops home, healthcare, health insurance, property taxes, the deficit, et cetera are more important issues to Americans than the single issue which seems to fixate Mr. Foxman -- Israel, a foreign country.

It is clear that the ADL does not speak for America but for Israel. Anyone who talks about a peaceful resolution in Palestine is somehow considered pro-Palestinian. Zionists and other racists in Israel and the United States have done everything possible to prevent peace as a possible outcome. A so-called "prominent Jewish leader" was quoted in the New York Post article as saying "What is America trying to do - commit suicide? Zionists continue to make attempts to distort the election process in America and continue to show their contempt for any peaceful resolution in Palestine.

The same people who own the money in your pocket (which is not the US Government) and the Lansky Jewish mafia were and are the money behind the Israel dream and the goal of rebuilding the satanic inspired third temple.

When Kennedy was President, a Jewish advisor would hold meetings at the White House with Jewish leaders in the same room that cabinet meetings were held -- something President Kennedy found extremely humorous. To this very day, no major media outlet has looked into the associations of Oswald, Castro, and prominent Jews and one Jackie Rubinstein (Jack Ruby). Everyone seems fixated on proving or disproving the "magic" bullet theory, but none have been willing to make the connections between Lansky, Zabruder, Jewish American doctors, prominent American bankers, Jim Angleton, et cetera, et cetera.

President Carter also made his effort at peace but found that the Israelis and their notion of a "master race" stood in direct opposition to any peace settlement. I have to believe that he finally realized his mistake in allowing greater military and financial aid to Israel resultant of what may have been one of the greatest deceptions perpetrated from within his own administration. Only to be topped some 23 years later by the recent effort by the Zionist-controlled Vice president's office to deceive the entire nation to war in Iraq. Ever since Wilson, Zionist advisors have been misleading not only presidents but the entire American nation, at times, including recent history, with disastrous consequences. Even President Nixon was deceived by Henry Kissinger with regard to many things but none so damaging to America as his actions on behalf of Israel.

Kissinger was a Zionist mole in the White House and that there were others as well. Speculation in the United States is that Mr. Kissinger was the notorious "deep throat" in the White House who turned on President Nixon to protect Israel and its spy network in America. The US had compiled information on many prominent Jews with regard to espionage activities on behalf of Israel and had more than a few telephones tapped. In those days many of the cadres of the Israeli spy network were tipped off to the taps and relied upon personal gatherings, Synagogues, restaurants, et cetera to meet. Later intermediaries were used to protect the identities of the Jewish spies -- or so they thought. Jews have been spying on America and Americans since the days of the Rosenbergs. The Pollard spy case was more interesting in that it was released to the public that the information Pollard stole for Israel was then passed by Israel to the former Soviet Union as a bargaining chip against USSR support for the Palestinians. To this very day, none of the materials stolen by Pollard has been returned by Israel to the United States. The recent effort by Israel and Jewish Americans to have Pollard released is part of an effort to retrieve additional materials stolen by Pollard and to seek his help in interpreting data.

Why do Israeli spy networks involved in espionage activities against the United States and its citizens are allowed to install mobile telephone towers in Washington for intercepting mobile conversations and call tracking purposes in the United States. They move offices to the US from Israel which monitor US telephone companies and calls made by Americans, operated by Israeli companies and American Jewish workers to collect information and track American citizens. Throughout its history, the ADL has been caught spying on Americans, breaking laws and is suspected of having links to the Pollard spy case.The US Constitution is not a document to restrain American citizens but a document to restrain the American government. Think we should tattoo those words on Politicians forehead.

Racist apartheid Israel is a foreign country and if Zionists feel some special bond to Israel they should move there and not remain in our midst in America. It's time to make Washington and the rest of America a Zionist-free territory. It is also time to enforce UN Resolutions against Israel and remove Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction "WMD" -- we know where those WMD are located and they are not in Iraq.

Every person who calls themselves a American Citizen must take heed and look closely at Palestine and realize "through a looking glass darkly" it is a warning that the way in which the Zionists treat the Palestinians is in fact the same way they will treat you if you allow it.