Toddler, Mom Kicked off the Plane


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
TSA Has gone WAY OVERBOARD with this.I think the security officer should be fired for this!!

Now,, I did something like this in the movie threater. A Kid kept on talking during the movie so i ejected him.And then my Boss placed me on Suspension for 5 days cause i kicked both the kid and his dad out for talking during the movie.
You shouldn't believe everything you hear. Firstly, was the child just saying 'bye bye plane', how loud, how often, and who to? And did the attendant lie, did the mother threaten her, or is it ALL lies?

People pay good money to go on a plane, and all the mother had to do was tell the child off a little bit and I'm sure it would have stopped doing it.
The issue was that the flight attendant told the mother to give her child some benedryl so that the baby would fall asleep. The mother was disgusted with the flight attendants recommendation, and rightfully so, and told her straight up that that was an inappropriate comment. The flight attendant went to the cockpit and told the pilot she had been threatened.

Flight attendants have an ego problem and will have no problems expressing their power trips. Sometimes, rightfully so and I can understand how irritating it must be to deal with a sardine-can full of passengers and crying kids. However, all the flight attendent needed to do was be a little more tactful.