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Jul 14, 2006
Make sure to check if you have any lost bonds with this site!!

Do you…

  • Own a savings bond that you haven’t received in the mail?
  • Have H/HH interest that you haven't received?
  • Own a savings bond, or registered Treasury note or bond that has matured and is no longer earning interest?
  • Have Legacy Treasury Direct payments that you haven’t received?
  • Need to know whether a deceased loved one owned securities?
  • Wonder whether you own a security?
Check Treasury Hunt!

Important Notes: The Treasury Hunt database is limited.
  • This system won’t help you search for savings bonds you’ve lost.
  • Savings bonds returned to Treasury as undeliverable since 1996 can be found by searching this system.
  • Information about savings bonds no longer earning interest is updated often, but is incomplete, because data on older bonds is stored on microfilm instead of computers. Since you may have savings bonds that aren’t listed in Treasury Hunt, be sure to look through your belongings.
  • Most records for registered Treasury notes and bonds can be searched through this system.
About Savings Bonds No Longer Earning Interest

TREASURY HUNT tells you about savings bonds no longer earning interest. If you still have these savings bonds, cash them so your money can start working for you again.
You can also figure out whether you have savings bonds that have stopped earning interest without using TREASURY HUNT. Just check the issue date on your savings bonds, then visit "Have Your Bonds Stopped Earning Interest?"
I will leave it since it is in the correct forum and it is informative. It is walking a fine line though.
sushimonster said:
Brandon, would you consider this SPAM?

Spam (noun)
Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.
No, This is not spam. In fact if you read the information posted its a free data base they offer with no cost to you, to research a possible bond you might have. Sorry to offend you.........
Since you cut and copied it from somewhere else, it looks very similar to an advertisement.

If you wrote the post yourself informing users about a helpful topic, we would not be having this discussion.