Trump just shuffled his transition team


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Nov 5, 2016

Trump just shuffled his transition team

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Donald Trump is already displaying his superb skills as an administrator and judge of talent which enabled him to build a fantastic company, run a successful campaign, and he will do the same for our country.

Trump used these skills to shuffle around or fire his campaign coordinators before settling on the right combination that helped him win the presidency. He is loyal to his staff only to the point of their competency and ability to get the job done. Otherwise they will be gone.

This is exactly what we need in a president. Obama and presidents before him, would put someone in place, and even though everyone knew they were incompetent, they usually kept their job even when it was painfully obvious they needed to be removed.

Trump will not have any of that nonsense. Regardless of race, color, creed, etc, he will hire the best people for the job, and regardless of political correctness or anything else, he will fire them if they under-perform.

Trump as we've said all along, has the potential to be a great president, and so far so good.
Do you think he will actually pick John Bolton or Rudy Guiliani despite their advocacy of the war in Iraq and regime change in the Middle East?

One thing for sure, he's not picking John Bolton.

That being said, bet everything you've got on John Bolton. ;)
?? He's not picking John Bolton, so bet everything you've got on John Bolton????

It was a joke, IE the wink ;), meaning i probably jinxed it with the call.

One thing is really for certain, Rudy can have any position he wants in the Trump administration, except of course president or vice president.