Trust In Hillary’s Governmental Experience Advantage


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May 29, 2008

There were so many wonderful achievements: Whitewater, Cattle Futuregate, Travelgate, Gennifer Flowersgate, Filegate, Vince Fostergate, Whitewater Billing Recordsgate, Paula Jonesgate, Federal Building Campaign Phone Callsgate, Lincoln Bedroom Gate, Donations from Convicted Drug and Weapons Dealersgate, Buddhist Templegate, Lippogate, Chinagate, Lewinsky Affair, Perjury and Jobs for Lewinskygate, Willeygate, Web Hubbell Prison Phone Callgate, Selling Military Technology to the Chinesegate, Wag the Doggate, Juanita, Broaddrick Gate, Vandalgate, Lootergate, and Pardongate. And there is that long list of staff that either committed suicide, were murdered, or mysteriously died.

Mexico for amnesty, Israel for military protection, China for military secrets, lobbies for corrupt contracts; all desperately need the Neo-Lib Puppet Princess Hillary for president; but what the American People desperately need is strict Constitutional Law, and the Reagan Republicans and Kennedy Democrats fighting shoulder-to-shoulder against the Neo-Cons/Neo-Libs (Neo-Marxists) that have infiltrated the Republican and Democrat parties, and have ideologically corrupted the traditional American culture.

Google References: Mark Penn Hillary; Hsu Hillary; Mearsheimer “Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy”; and, Stricherz “Why the Democrats are Blue”
You could do the same for most American Politicians could'nt you? Isn't that the norm when power and money are involved.

Whats your point?

I saw that coming... the classic "everyone does it" claim. Well no, everyone doesn't do that. Thanks for your time, have a nice day.
Aw, everyone that has any sense knows the Clintons are shysters from the get-go. Yet they have voters . . . which I shall call the "Stepford Voters". Kinda' like idiots that are pen pals with serial killers and want to marry them. Totally oblivious to reality. "Anybody wanna' buy a cargo van? It gets good gas mileage."