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US mass media-ultimate control-

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Untouchable, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Untouchable

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    Sep 5, 2007
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    US mass media-who control?-

    I think every american have to know at least who are behind the panel control in most US media - one may wonder why Iraq war was called "Iraq freedom", why Mel Gibson was kicked while Da vinci code welcomed, why pushing a propaganda of fears, why the big Israeli spy ring hidden by most media, why the identities of the three gang who burned 9 alabama churches masked...etc

    those are the main names who turn around:

    Fairness and Accuracy in Media (FAIR),
    Executive Director: Jeff Cohen

    Paul Revere Society
    The PRS apparently IS Michael Savage (born Michael Weiner). Conservative talk-show host and apologist for Israel.

    Association of American Publishers,
    Chairman of the Board of Directors: Jane Friedman
    (Friedman is President and CEO of HarperCollins Publishers).

    Screen Actors Guild,

    President: Melissa Gilbert
    "Other Jewish performers in the cast [of the play "The Education of Max Bickford"] include Jill Clayburgh and Sara Gilbert. Gilbert, 27, is best known for her youthful role as Roseanne's youngest daughter on the "Roseanne" television series. Her sister, MELISSA GILBERT, 38, was the former child star of "Little House on the Prairie" and many TV movies. Melissa was elected president of the Screen Actors' Guild late last year." -- Jewish Bulletin

    American Film Institute,
    Director and CEO: Jean Picker Firstenberg (Jewish?)

    Recording Industry Association of America,
    Prior Chairman and CEO: Hilary Rosen
    New Chairman and CEO: Mitch Bainwol (formerly a Jewish Republican Party official)
    President: Cary Sherman

    National Association of Recording Merchandisers,
    "The Voice of Music Retailing"
    President: Pamela Horovitz
    Chairman: David Schlang (Jewish?)

    National Film Board of Canada, (government subsidies for independent filmmakers) Commissioner and Chairperson: Jacques Bensimon

    Arbitron, (media research)
    President and CEO: Stephen B. Morris
    (non-executive) Chairman: Lawrence Perlman

    The Media Coalition, Inc.,
    Executive Director: David Horowitz

    The Media Access Project,
    President and CEO: Andrew Jay Schwartzman

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada's BBC),
    President and CEO: Robert Rabinovitch

    Canadian Museum of Civilization,
    President and CEO: Victor Rabinovitch (brother of Robert - see above)
    "Their [the Rabinovitch brothers] appointments, the apex of careers built largely in the federal civil service, were 'a source of naches [pride] for the entire Jewish community,'' said Irving Abella, a Toronto historian and former president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. 'They are energetic and dedicated, and never tried to hide their Jewish background.'"

    Center for Media and Public Affairs,

    President: S. Robert Lichter
    Vice President: Linda Lichter

    Association of Alternative Newsweeklies,
    Executive Director: Richard Karpel

    Project for Excellence in Journalism/Committee of Concerned Journalists,
    Director (and Vice Chairman of CCJ) -- Tom Rosenstiel
    Chairman of CCJ -- Bill Kovach (Jewish?)

    Directors Guild of America,
    President: Michael Apted
    National Vice-President: Edwin Sherin
    National Executive Director: Jay D. Roth
    Associate National Executive Director: Warren Adler
    (also: Presiding Officer,Western Directors
    Council: Michael Apted Presiding Officer,
    Eastern Directors Council: Edwin Sherin)

    The Society of Professional Audio Recording Services,
    President: Jeff Greenberg
    President-Elect: Andrew Kautz
    Treasurer: Doug Levine
    Executive Director: Larry Lipman

    Academy of Television Arts & Sciences ("Emmy" awards),
    Chairman & CEO: Dick Askin
    Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation,
    Chairman & CEO: Tom Sarnoff

    Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), ("Academy Awards")
    A) AMPAS Board of Governors:
    First Vice President: Sid Ganis
    Vice President: Gilbert Cates
    Executive Director: Bruce Davis (Jewish?)
    B) AMPAS Administration:
    Executive Director: Bruce Davis (Jewish?)
    C) AMPAS Foundation Board of Trustees:
    President: Fay Kanin
    Vice President (1 of 2): Charles Bernstein
    Executive Secretary: Bruce Davis (Jewish?)
    Secretary: Sid Ganis
    ( Note: Fay Kanin is also Executive Committee Chair AMPAS Writers Branch)

    "Tony" awards are presented by the following two organizations:
    1) The League of American Theatres and Producers (LATP),
    Chairman: Gerald Schoenfeld
    President: Jed Bernstein
    2) The American Theatre Wing (ATW),
    Executive Director: Howard Sherman

    National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS),"The Recording Academy" ("Grammy" Awards),
    President & CEO: Neil Portnow
    General Council: Joel A. Katz

    Songwriters Guild of America (SGA),
    Executive Director: Lewis Bachman
    National Projects Director: George Wurzbach (Jewish?)
    Executive Vice President: Richard Adler
    Second Executive Vice President: George David Weiss
    First Vice President: Ervin Drake (Jewish?)

    Dramatists Guild of America, Inc.,
    President: John Weidman (Jewish?) (Note:novelist and playright Jerome Weidman wrote "I can Get it for You Wholesale", which starred Barbara Streisand when it played on Broadway.)
    Secretary: Arthur Kopit (Jewish surname)

    Motion Picture Association of America,
    (i.e., the frontman for Hollywood)
    President: Dan Glickman

    American Cinema Editors,
    President: Alan Heim

    National Cable and Telecommunications Association
    President and CEO: Robert Sachs

    Online News Association,

    President: Ruth Gersh, Director of Online Services, AP Digital
    Vice President: Michael Silberman, Managing Editor, East Coast, MSNBC.com
    Secretary: Jonathan Dube Jonathan Dube Jonathan Dube (Jewish?), Managing Producer, MSNBC.com

    A guy asked me if ziojoos control some of those institutions too
    I said yes;

    AT&T Foundation,
    President: Esther Silver-Parker (jew)
    Executive Director: Marilyn Reznick (jew)

    Time Warner�s publishing division (editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, a Jew)

    cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS from 1986 till 1995.

    News Corporation : famous Rupert Murdoch.

    Walt Disney studios Jew Michael Eisner (84-2005).

    : Carl Bertelsmann (1935) then David and Richard Sarnoff.

    The New York Times Company : Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
    Retired Publisher, NY Times Co-Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.
    CEO, Present Publisher NY Times Co.

    Hearst Corporation:
    President Richard Berlin (50th)

    It's not a joke or antisemite message, just how we can explain that 2 % of the american people possess this huge control over media organisms ?!


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