US Voted Most Clueless Nation


How sad is that? That same 30% presumably knows the exact birthdate of Britney Spears. Damn it, why are Americans so damn stupid.

Sorry I am ranting. It just makes me mad as all hell that other countries value things that Americans look down upon (like education).
It’s just so aggravating that to the rest of the world, Americans are stupid and ignorant. I second the motion of WTF !?!
I third it. I mean, most people in our age group were not all that young when it happened. Most of us are able to form cognizant memories of that day. So how in the world can we forget the year so easily? It doesn't make sense.
It is really a matter of what is important to Americans in general. Those in the US live in glass houses and they don't like to throw stones.
I think the US generally has its head up its own A**. not in a glass house, if we were in a glass house wouldn't we see what is going on around the world??
I know exactly how you feel. I live in England and on the anniversary of 7th July when we had a few minutes silence a friend told me his room mate was asking what it's for.
The world at large is just so clueless, and it is sickening. On Campus at my college, people are all more worried about smoking pot and getting laid then major world conflicts. It just boggles my mind how people can be son ignorant.