War on Terror:an instrument of unilateralism and a strategic paradigm


Dec 20, 2007
from its very inception in Sept-2001, the US-planned war on terror, has remained the most debated transnational subject.Now well exposed and mostly unravelled, that the US strategists have had engineered the new doctrine of geopolitics on the name of a war whereby they may expediently defend their geopolitical-cum-geoeconomic interests in those regions wherein the dominance of American policy is considered as exigently operative. But nothing is now shrouded in mystery about this ongoing failed war both in Iraq and Afghnaistan. Neoliberism has been the most driving cause of this controversial war- which by all means required to be revisited. The rising sentiments of antiAmericanism in the Mulsim world has been the most emerging policy- failure of this war which has also increased the degree of terrorism both in every form and manifestation. Should not the neoconservatives feel this as a matter of great policy- obligation to reexamine their philosophy of advoacting globalism or so-called humanistic gloablism on the pretext of this war?