Whats wrong with 4million jobs created?

Yeah....and, who knows better, than Republicans..... :rolleyes:

.....And, people were surprised that Republicans jumped-on Obama's economic-efforts....right from the start?


The whole theory doesn't even pass the BASIC logic test. If government could in any way, increase economic growth, like I said before, Chinese-Communists from prior to 1977, would have had the most wealthy nation the world has ever seen. Instead they had the poorest. India before 1985 would have been a massive economic power, instead of poor peasants looking for rice to eat. And of course, the Soviet union would have dominated the world, instead of not being able to feed it's own people.

In all cases, those governments made even Obama's expenditures look like buying bubble gum and baseball cards. Yet, the outcome was not increased prosperity and economic growth. In fact, in some cases it lead to mass starvation.

So again, explain to me why you think Overspend Obama's plan is going to succeed, where a hundred years of history prove it won't?

Answer? You are a political hack that doesn't know economics, and just believe whatever the left tells you to believe.
That's not an answer. You have failed repeatedly to name one single thing that Clinton did to improve the economy. NAFTA is the only economic legislation passed that had a positive effect, other than possibly welfare reform, which the left hates as well.

"Not only was the entire national deficit eliminated, after raising taxes on the wealthy in 1993, but the economy grew so fast for the remainder of the decade that many conservative economists thought that the Fed should raise the prime interest rate in order to slow it down."
Unsurprisingly you don't seem to understand how debate works. You are the one who is making the claim that he ran them into the ground so it is for you to prove it. Face it, you are over your head. You spew plenty but have thus far, been able to substantiate none of it. My guess is that it will be you who is busy till the second coming trying to prove any of your claims.


What's wrong with 4 million jobs created?​

Pretty simple question, I pose to anyone. I see a lot of negativity against the stimulus package bill, and a large portion of it is about putting 4million people to work, the vast majority of which is in the private sector. Why all the fuss?