Which Is Your Moral Guide?

Which "rule" is the best one to follow?

  • Do unto others as you would have done unto you

    Votes: 9 69.2%
  • Do not do unto others as you would not have done unto you

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Do unto others as they have done unto you

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Do unto others before they do unto you

    Votes: 1 7.7%

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the golden rule is called gold for the exact reason that its correct. Carl Sagan presented this to USA and Russia when he mediated between them.
Choose the silver rule and we open ourselves upto subjective morals. the other two rules are a definite downward decline in human nature and human morality regardless of religion.

these rules have existed long before mainstream religion. The golden rule is the only logical approach to life. But in reality humans don't practice it. I wish to but sometimes I don't. sometimes i go with the silver rule. and at sometimes I go with the bronze rule. (i'm only human). if we all followed the golden rule 100% then we would approach utopia. this will never happen. but we should strive for it anyway
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Golden Rule Rules!

The Golden Rule. As others have said, it's proactive. But in a sense, it "rules" over the others, anyway.

The given: Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have done unto you

The flip side: Silver Rule - Do not do unto others what you would not have done unto you. Whether you are "doing" or "not doing", if it is as you would be treated yourself, it is two sides of the same coin.

The submissive perversion: Bronze Rule - Do unto others as they have done unto you. It implies passivity, with only a response occurring after the acts of others. It can be good or bad, dependent solely on those deeds.

The aggressive perversion: Iron Rule - Do unto others before they do unto you. Total lack of proactivity in a positive sense, the implied dominating position allows for no good actions. At it's extreme, and really stretching, it could be conceived as positive. For example - You know your friend is going to buy a sweater for you you both admired while shopping. So you dash out and buy it for her first, since it's the only one. Now you've just "done unto her before she could do unto you!" :cool:
Indira's web is an old story about our every action.
like a big web, everything we do affects everyone else in some way. even if you think that you leave others alone you may not. when you flush a toilet you are affecting someone.

isn't the golden rule part of the theology of Christianity?

The Golden rule is older than the new testament.

But the version in the new testament is better. It says: "Love your neighbor as yourself."

First the action needs to include love. That leaves out the somewhat silly "problem" of those who would hurt others because they themselves would want to be hurt.

Next you love them not as you want them to love you. It is not a comparison of their love to yours but a comparison of your love toward yourself to your love toward others. The focus of the responsiblity is not on him but on you. You love them as you would love yourself setting the standard where it should be and affirming the equal value of all people.