Who is responsible for Socialized Medicine passing? Answer: REPUBLICANS


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Jan 23, 2009
San Diego, CA
When we elected an extreme-left Democrat President, with extremist Democrats in charge of large majorities in the House and Senate, that was the ball game. Major legislation to sieze unheard-of power, against both the Constitution and the will of the American people, would follow that act, as surely as water flows downhill.

And why did we elect such extreme leftists to such high positions in 2006 and 2008? Because Republicans, who came to power on the strength or an agenda the majority of Americans wanted - low taxes, low spending, strong defense, personal freedom and personal responsibillity - have been giving up those very ideals for twenty years, and acting more and more like Democrats themselves. They have exploded spending, created socialistic government entitlements, racked up huge debts, and passed and signed legislation robbing freedoms from Americans. Not nearly as much as the present administration, but far more than the people who voted for them, ever wanted.

And the America people, particularly the conservatives they had betrayed, reacted by kicking them out of power in 2006 and 2008.

Some might assign blame to the Democrats, who have been pushing so hard for expanding government and installing socialism since most of us have been alive. But that's like blaming a tiger for raking a man's face off with its claws in the middle of the street in town. The Democrats can't help pushing socialism any more than the tiger can help carving a man to ribbons - it is simply their nature to do so, and the only thing they know. Blame should be assigned, instead, to the people let the tiger into the village when they knew its nature and should have known better than to become careless enough to let it in.

Republicans' duties while in power, were to do what their voters sent them there to do. And that was to be conservative, allow the economy to reward those who achieved, defend their basic rights, and in general justify the tust the voters had placed in them. Doing this would ensure, not only their continued residence in power, but their continued defense of the country and the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

They failed. They began to abuse the rights of the people, by implementing (or permitting) schemes that harmed the rights, prosperity, and safety of ordinary Americans. They should have known voters would react predictably - a reaction made more than predictable, by the declining percentage of people who voted for them in nearly every election since they were put in power in 1994 and 2000. But they continued sliding more and more to the left, and failing to defend against domestic planners who had put in place a scheme that wound up crashing the entire economy in 2007-2009. And so the American people who had voted for them, expressed their disgust and booted them out... which was no more than they deserved. This eliminated the only people who had defended the Constitution from its enemies, and left the barbarians free to enter Rome.

And enter they have. We are now seeing power being seized by the U.S. Government in ways the Republicans never dreamed, and which the country's founders DID dream and wrote an ironclad Constitution to forbid. They are brushing aside its bans on government involvement in Health Care Insurance and its refusals to grant the Fed govt authority to force people to buy products, or penalize them without criminal charges or trials if they refused.

Tonight Barack Obama stated flatly that the just-passed legislation didn't fix every ill in Health Care - as if anything could do that in a world of imperfect people... and that therefore tonight's huge seizure of power was only "a good first step in the right direction". In other words, these people have plenty more such "steps" they intend to impose... and with as much disdain for the will of the people and the commands of the Constitution, as they showed this time.

But as I said above, ultimate blame does not even lie with Obama, Pelosi, Ried, and the rest of the leftists. We, the American people, knew what they were long before we elected them. Republicans in particular, had (or should have had) no illusions about the tyranny inherent in those people's agenda.

And for many years, Republicans were in a position to stop them and expose them for what they were... and they failed.

REPUBLICANS - politicians and voters - were as much as fault for the shocking power grabs and incredible debts we are seeing today, as the Democrats who are actually implementing those destructive policies. No one expects the Democrats to "know better", any more than they expect lemmings to "know better" than to drown themselves en masse.

But the people who let the tiger into the village, or the barbarians into the gates, SHOULD have known better than to do those things.

They are the ones truly at fault. And there is an (R) after every one of their names.
I enjoyed when Republicans told us they had a plan to create jobs that was cheaper than the Democrats.

One could only ROFL wondering why they hadn't implemented that plan instead of the excesses of the "ownership society."

It should have been a sign when Bush quit using that term.
Good analysis. No question that the policies of Bush/Chaney were patently awful. From the war in Iraq to the passage of Medicare Part C (drug plan) - those 8 years were misguided from beginning to end.

At the same time, the agencies that the Executive Branch is supposed to administer, fell down on the job big time - the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probably being the largest failure to provide effective oversight of activities of Wall Street companies that financed "sub-prime" mortgages.

Anybody with half a brain could tell you the housing bubble was out of control. That was clear in 2004 and only got worse as time went on. All of the data necessary to predict the 2008 crash was readily available in magazines and on the internet. I ask, "How could anybody miss it?"


Sec. Treasury said in May 2007:

U.S. homebuilders are in their second year of slowing sales as a glut of unsold houses reduces demand. Tighter credit standards and the exit of lenders from the subprime mortgage business have also cut the number of potential buyers. Paulson, who is meeting with Chinese officials today, said in an interview on CNBC the housing slump was ``largely contained'' and that the market's correction was mostly ``behind us.''


In another area, have you noticed that there is one word that seemed to be in constant use during the Bush Administration has not crossed the lips of anybody since the crash. That word: Neo-Conservative. Where are the Neo-Conservatives now?

I am a Republican (fiscal conservative type), and I despised Bush and his policies. So much so that I believed Obama would bring some transparency and change to the terrible situation in Washington.

Of course, the joke is on me - as Obama turned out not to be the rational, clear thinking centrist that his speeches often suggested. He was a flaming liberal in sheep's clothing.

But no self-respecting Republican who voted for Bush can deny that the Health Care Bill - a total disaster - can be blamed on 8 years of bad policy in the Bush Administration. It is the reason why so many disillusioned, independent thinkers put the Democratic Party in solid control of Congress.