WikiLeaks or WikiLies?


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Nov 21, 2010

WikiLeaks or WikiLies?
Online whistle blower WikiLeaks unveiled a new batch of compromising materials. This time correspondence of American diplomats was leaked, which clearly shows that the U.S. did not stop its subversive activities against other countries. The published papers can also adversely affect the relationship between certain countries. The main question is who benefits from it.
On November 28 online whistle blower WikiLeaks unveiled another portion of compromising materials. While earlier the website published documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this time they made public secret correspondence of American diplomats. Most materials relate to the period of 2004 - 2010.

Most of them are recordings of conversations of American diplomats with foreign politicians, officials and individuals in different countries, as well as reports about the events in different countries and analysis of the situation. According to Der Spiegel, these documents are interesting precisely because diplomats and politicians did not expect them to be published and openly expressed their opinions. The psychological characteristics of foreign leaders devised by American diplomats are particularly of interest.

Russia Today: WikiLeaks expose the trust deficciency of US diplomacy

For example, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is compared to Hitler in U.S. diplomatic files, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel is called "risk averse and rarely creative." French President Nicolas Sarkozy was nicknamed "the emperor with no clothes."

SharePrint version Font Size Send to friend Diplomats talked of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as "physically and politically weak" and "feckless." He is particularly disliked by the American diplomats for his friendship with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

In turn, the latter is called by American diplomats the "alpha male," "Batman" and "brutal politician." Dmitry Medvedev, in contrast, is called "pale and hesitant'' ''who plays Robin to his strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's ''Batman.''

However, the greatest harm to the United States could be caused by making public methods of work of the American diplomats. Judging by the documents available in open access on WikiLeaks, Washington spied on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as the representatives of this international organization in Russia, China and other countries. Allegedly, the secretary of state Hillary Clinton gave an executive order to do so in July 2009.

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WikiLeaks,,,, And Heres further news on this

In the old days if any member of the Military passes classified info to anyone automaticly gets a death sentence. During the Civil War Both Union and Rebels executed each other. Here is what happens in the 1800s when you pass classified info.



So,Lets bring back hanging!
It is another false flag

1. Wiki-Leaks doesn't leak any important secret of dirty insiders of US government.

2. It provokes Iran and other Arab countries. (News that Saudi king asking US to attack Iran)

3. Feds let Assange go and release un-important documents like what they do to Bin Laden. They won't be arrested until their mission being done.

4. The likely purpose is to justify war on Iran.

Quote, "
WikiLeaks: Iran 'obtains North Korea missiles which can strike Europe'
Iran has obtained ballistic missiles from North Korea that could be used to strike Western Europe, the leaked files suggest.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent 29 Nov 2010 "
Osama and Julian Assange, False flag and living plant (12/7/2010)

I wrote an article "Wiki-Leaks is another false flag" on 12/4 and posted it in APFN. One hour later, I was surprised to find the topic was replied by Julian Assange. I don't think it was Assange himself did it. He is on the run. Most likely it is the work of his handler - the Feds. The purpose is to link me to a would be "criminal". Assange is a living plant like Bin Laden. Here is the topic:

Wiki-Leaks is another false flag? kathaksung, Sat Dec 4 09:27

* Thats not all, Netanyahu said.... ?Percy, Sat Dec 4 18:52

o Julian Assange answers your questions?Julian Assange, Sat Dec 4 10:24;article=134449;title=APFN

Osama is a living plant.

Soviet bloc collapsed in 1999. US intelligence then turned its resource which used to deal with Soviet bloc to the new target - Mid-east countries which are rich in natural resource. Bin Laden, an asset of the CIA in Afghanistan war(against Russian), was revived in this new project as a false flag - Islamic extremist. He went to Sudan first in 1991.
The Sudanese offered to arrest Bin Laden and extradite him to Saudi Arabia . pages/Prior_Knowledge/Clinton_let_bin_laden.htm

Saudi and US didn't take the offer with various excuse because Bin Laden is a living plant they deployed there.

In 1995, Bin Laden tried to set up a connection with Saddam but was refused.
Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam, al Qaida

A September 2006 report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Saddam was "distrustful of al Qaida and viewed Islamic extremists as a threat to his regime, refusing all requests from al Qaida to provide material or operational support."

The Senate report, citing an FBI debriefing of a senior Iraqi spy, Faruq Hijazi , said that Saddam turned down a request for assistance by bin Laden which he made at a 1995 meeting in Sudan with an Iraqi operative.

Sudan may have felt the danger to accomodate Bin Laden. In May 1996, the Sudanese asked bin Laden to leave. He went to Afghan and stay there until now.

In August 1998, Sudan and Afghanistan were bombed by US missiles.

In 2001, after 911, Afghan, facing US invasion, made an offer but failed.
Bush rejects Taliban offer to hand Bin Laden over
* Taliban demand evidence of Bin Laden's guilt, Sunday 14 October 2001 22.19 BST

In Bin Laden's recent 20 years, the countries he went or tried to go, have something in common: They all have rich natural resources. Sudan and Iraq have oil. Afghan has rich mine. '
Afghanistan to develop $3 trillion in mining potential
DUBAI | Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:14pm

He didn't go to Yemen, Somali or Syria for his "revolution" because they are resource poor countries, not in US interest list. He didn't go to Saudi or Kuwait. Because they are US allies. He only went to Sudan, Afghan, or Iraq (intended to) because these three countries were not controlled by US at that time. As a living plant, he gave US the excuse to activate attack on these three countries. (Even Saddam realized that Bin Laden was a dangerous living plant and rejected him, Iraq at last was invaded with an un-existed WMD)

Julian Assange is another false flag and living plant. The target is not to control natural resource but to control the free speech kingdom - the Internet. If you have noticed that in last month, the events come with the Wiki-leaks' third leaking. '
The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet
from the free-speech-isn't-free dept

US Government seizure of the internet has begun; DHS takes over 76 websites
WIKILEAKS will leak 250.000 documents Sunday Nov 28
Sat Nov 27, 2010;article=134278;title=APFN;pagemark=60

What will be their next step? Feds will upgrade the secret level of the leaking document to their puppet Assange. That will finally justify the legitimate of control of the Internet. When you saw that Wiki-Leaks is moving from this server to that, this web site to other, do you realize all these sites could be potential victims of the next wave of Internet censorship and seizure? Assange does same thing Bin Laden has done.

I always say that I am the most wanted of the Feds. Though I am always under the surveillance of the Feds, to set up an internet communication with a "criminal" could justify their action and turn an unreasonable search into a reasonable one. On 12/5, (next day that Assange post reply to my article) A working van of "Direct TV" parked at my front door. Technician installed something in my neighbor's house. (we share one roof and the wall) I think that they were installing detective instrument. My neighbor has had a dish satellite antenna already.
Leaking secret? Or a secret operation of the Intelligence?


Monday, December 06, 2010

This is directly from the Wikipedia November 2007, since erased:

"There have been many allegations that Wikileaks is a CIA front (eg. by cryptome)...

Arguments have centered around the location of Wikileaks-related matters and the source of its funding...

National Security Agency HQ Maryland.

"The contact number on has a D.C. area code and is a Verizon cell phone number registered in Adelphi, Maryland.

", a Web tracking service, connected the number to a 'Va Reston.'
Whatever one may think of wikileaks and its politics the title of this thread basically says that wikileaks lies. Then the article says that the main point - is not lies - but who benefits or gets hurt from what they release.

The article goes on to show that wikileaks has verified everything listed in the article with first hand documentation. It fails to mention any lie at all.

It is very possbible that people will get hurt from the untimely release of information. To date no such harm has been demonstrated and those who oppose wiki seem to be motivated by a desire to keep their secrets.

If I had to choose a world in which everyone told the truth (like wiki leaks) but there might be harm or in which everyone hid their secrets (like those who oppose wikileaks) and there is a long history of harm - well I would choose the world in which truth wins out. In the long run truth is more likely to lead to a better world than secret keeping. I would add that accusing wikileaks of lies is almost certainly a lie here. Who has the higher ground?
WikiLeaks,,,, And Heres further news on this

In the old days if any member of the Military passes classified info to anyone automaticly gets a death sentence. During the Civil War Both Union and Rebels executed each other. Here is what happens in the 1800s when you pass classified info.



So,Lets bring back hanging!

Just for the record, the top photo you posted is of the execution by hanging of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, which included a woman (Mary Surratt).