Woman Becomes Quadruple Amputee After Giving Birth

I don't know. That is almost impossible to answer. Nothing is going to bring the arms and legs back. I'm not big on lawsuits. In saying that, in this case if it can be proven that there was negligence involved on the side of the hospital and if it were me, I'd own them. More importantly my family would own them. She didn't only lose her arms and her legs, her family lost too.

We don't know the circumstances on all sides of the situation. We don't know if the infection was a result of cross contamination from another patient or if the infection was due to something with the woman herself. Had she received proper prenatal care. Had she followed Dr's instructions throughout the course of her pregnancy. After the infection but prior to the procedure to amputate her limbs, was she given options. Who gave written permission to perform the surgery. There are too many variables to immediately point fingers as to why it happened.

I guess my first move would be to go in front of a judge and get an emergency injunction to have my own records and any relating to what happened comfiscated so nothing could be tampered with. Then I guess you have to work your way through the courts to be able to access the records. By law the facility has to protect the privacy of other patients but not allowing this woman to see her own records is wrong regardless of who's name is cited in the records.

I'd want answers. I don't know, when I first read the article my inital thought was I don't know if I would want to survive like that. After thinking about it though, surviving is better than the alternative. I don't know what I would do.