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Fallacies: the limits of debate

Discussion in 'Culture & Religion' started by samsara15, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Jan 6, 2007
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    All of us, from the smartest and wisest of us, from the sharpest to the dullest, are subject to the limits of human intellect. We see the universe dimly, though dirty glasses. What's more, as we age, we become more locked into our vierws and opinionated, and less open to making even minor changes in our views.

    Even those of us who see it the most clearly find our vision becomes clouded and impaired as we age.

    We have many fine intellects here, but none of them are on spot 100% of the time.

    We do the best we can, with our limited intellects and impaired views of the universe, to understand the foggy view of the universe provided by modern science and our basic beliefs about the reality we have experienced in our lives. Those views we hold are almost surely wrong, in many senses, and perhaps right in some senses as well.

    It ill behooves us to label those who disagree with us as wrong on all counts, although they probably often are wrong on many counts, for we ourselves suffer from clouded vision, and can be trusted no more than they. If we think we can, we are deluding ourselves.

    The best and brightest of humankind have usually produced nightmares when given absolute control over any society.

    Just a caveat.

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