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Meet the new boss....

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Stalin, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Stalin

    Stalin Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2008
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    Same as the old boss...

    "...Speaking before an audience of 3,000 members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama defended his patriotism while attacking his Republican rival for being squeamish about launching unilateral military attacks against Pakistan.

    Obama’s speech Tuesday in Orlando, Florida followed an appearance Monday before the same convention by Republican candidate Senator John McCain, who delivered a right-wing diatribe portraying the Democrat as a political opportunist and virtual traitor for his policy on the war in Iraq.

    McCain charged Obama with having “tried to prevent funding for the troops who carried out the surge.” He continued: “Not content to merely predict failure in Iraq, my opponent tried to legislate failure.”

    In his response, Obama spoke not as an opponent of war, but rather as an advocate of a superior strategy for pursuing US imperialist interests by military means.

    He chided McCain for “talking tough without acting tough and smart,” while outlining a policy agenda that includes a continuation of the occupation of Iraq—albeit on a reduced basis—an escalation of the war in Afghanistan and its extension across the border into Pakistan. Finally, he put forward a policy of confrontation with Russia in the Caucasus that dovetails fully with the positions taken by the McCain campaign and the Bush administration itself...."


    "...US presidential hopefuls are selected, vetted, molded in a complex and time-consuming process. The ruling elite faces life-and-death questions and is not about to allow just anyone to take up residence in the White House. He, or she, must be prepared to make the most ruthless decisions.

    Obama has survived the process to this point largely because powerful forces in the country recognize that the Bush presidency has been a disaster. A different face, a different look, is needed. Bill Clinton came along to “feel” the population’s “pain” during a sharp recession and after the Reagan phenomenon had exhausted itself. The situation today is far more serious.

    Bush and Cheney are identified with war, slump and wholesale criminality. Confused and searching for answers, the population is seething with anger. A mass radicalization threatens. That the relatively inexperienced, bi-racial Obama has been plucked out of the ranks and possibly given his moment in the sun is itself an indication of the depth of the crisis.

    Politically, Obama is meant to forestall as long as possible the eruption of mass opposition to the existing economic and political setup. He is being marketed to the public as a caring, thoughtful black man, with hints of Lincoln in the background. He has the constructed appearance, the outer form, of opposition. But only the outer form. He’s clever and adroit. He’s not Bush.

    But, minus his carefully crafted identity, he’s not terribly different.

  2. neilsimon

    neilsimon Member

    Jul 31, 2008
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    Wow --- that's a new perspective. Reading up on both of 'em kinda makes me feel sorry ... and confused, really.
  3. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    Vague 'disaster' claim here. What exactly did Bush do that was a 'disaster'? We still have a growing economy. We haven't had any more terrorist attacks. We are winning in Iraq and the people of Iraq are ecstatic. Where is this big 'disaster'?

    The only thing that we could say Bush should have done differently, was he should have put a massive force on the ground immediately in Iraq. Which this is the one thing that McCain supported from the moment it was clear we were going in.

    So I'm not seeing this 'disaster' others keep talking about.

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