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Obama: People opposing govt Health Care, doing it purely for political advantage (??)

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Little-Acorn, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Little-Acorn

    Little-Acorn Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2009
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    San Diego, CA
    This is one of the most bizarre things I've heard a President say since "Well, that depends on what the definition of 'is', is.", on national TV.

    If we are to take him at his word, Barack Obama apparently believes that none of the people opposing his attempt to put the Fed govt in charge of some or all of Health Care, really care about the issue. They are doing it purely to put Republicans into majorities in government. At least, that's what Mr. Obama says.

    Never mind that more and more of the opponents, come from his own party. Are the Blue Dog Dems trying to put Republicans in power too, Mr. President? Is Nancy "I can't pass Health Care without a Public Option" Pelosi, trying to put Republicans into majorities?

    And never mind that he has never offered the slightest evidence of any of these opponents being instructed by Republican officials, or insurance companies, or any of the other sinister forces Democrats keep blaming. No actual examples of even a single protester being put on a bus by those dark conspirators.

    Never mind that the only people seen being bused in to any Town Hall meetings, were members of ACORN who came to SUPPORT his schemes.

    The idea that people are opposing his plans because they think it's fundamentally wrong for the Fed govt to get involved in providing health coverage, never seems to occur to Democrats. Or if it does, they are fleeing from it at full speed, tails clamped firmly between their legs, not daring to admit that maybe they are governing against the will of the people.

    Democrats are developing a weird tendency to try to fix what isn't broken. Rather than trying to talk straight to the American people and persuade them why we will be better off with the govt running Health Care, they are ranting about sinister conspiracies that don't exist, insurance company payoffs that never happened, organizing efforts that the protesters have never seen, and the abject stupidity and churlish behavior of an electorate that is, in fact, more honestly concerned (not to mention more polite and better behaved) than the Democrats themselves are.

    Why do the supporters of Health Care, all the way to the top, keep tilting at windmills rather than addressing the real problems of govt Health Care? Do they think they are getting any closer to their goal, by "fixing" problems that don't exist?

    The only answer I can see, is because the Democrats know they cannot refute the points made by their opponents. And so they keep throwing out frantic denunciations and imaginary "conspiracies", trying to scare voters into backing their schemes. Could it be that explaining to the voters why their schemes are the best way to go, is not possible?

    Judging from the way the Dems keep avoiding it like the plague, it's looking more and more likely.

    Obama's latest announcement, of bizarre political motivations by his opponents rather than honest concerns, is just the latest in a long line of such avoidance of honest discussion. Will it ever stop?

    Or is it all the Democrat have to offer?



    Obama: Republican conspiracy out to kill health reform
    By Joseph Curl

    Originally published 02:07 p.m., August 20, 2009,
    updated 03:07 p.m., August 21, 2009

    President Obama took to the conservative airwaves Thursday to charge that Republican leaders are engaged in a vast right-wing conspiracy to kill health care reform in order to repeat the 1994 mid-term takeover of Congress, which followed the defeat of President Clinton's reform plan.

    "I think early on, a decision was made by the Republican leadership that said, 'Look, let's not give him a victory, maybe we can have a replay of 1993, '94, when Clinton came in, he failed on health care and then we won in the mid-term elections and we got the majority. And I think there are some folks who are taking a page out that playbook," the president said.
  2. TheFranklinParty

    TheFranklinParty Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2009
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    Tampa, FL
    Re: Obama: People opposing govt Health Care, doing it purely for political advantage

    It is crazy that the Dem's are so focused on blaming the Republicans for playing unfair. The quickest way for them to stop any possible treachery on the part of the right would be to honestly and clearly defend their Healthcare, oops Health Insurance reform plan. The problem is that they can't because it is too vague to even define let alone defend.

    Oh, by the way, the Republicans could do the same thing by just making clear accurate points instead of throwing all of these lies around about Death Panels. I don't see a legitimate alternative plan from the right that focuses on Tort Reform and Interstate Insurance so what. Have we lost our ability to openly debate? Are we just a society of sound bites now?
  3. GenSeneca

    GenSeneca Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2008
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    ={CaLiCo}= HQ
    Re: Obama: People opposing govt Health Care, doing it purely for political advantage

    Using the phrase "death panel" is certainly political hyperbole but its not a lie.

    When politicians wrote the legislation that gave us Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Social Security and all the other big government welfare state programs we have today... Did each of those legislative specifically state in the bill that the program would result in waste, fraud, abuse, reduction of benefits, ever higher taxes, trillions upon trillions in unfunded liabilities and explicitly admit the program would be fiscally unsustainable creating a problem that would snowball with each successive generation?

    Of course not.

    The same is true for this big government welfare state proposal for universal healthcare. Those who can, 1. learn from history 2. learn from the results in other countries 3. think beyond what the legislation specifically states: to consider the entirely foreseeable "unforeseen consequences" of enacting such legislation, are justified in their criticisms.

    Does the legislation call for death panels? No... But the panels the House bill proposes to create would be precursors to what would result from yet another failed government program looking to save a buck.
  4. top gun

    top gun Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2007
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    Ohio, USA
    Re: Obama: People opposing govt Health Care, doing it purely for political advantage


    When they're not breaking something they're fighting fixing it. Oh, and of course always trying to kill the messenger...

  5. samsara15

    samsara15 Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2007
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    Moonbase 2B
    Re: Obama: People opposing govt Health Care, doing it purely for political advantage

    It would have been nice if we had had a real debate over Health Care. Reasonable point.

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