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Russian billionaire ordered to pay up in "most expensive divorce in history"

Discussion in 'World Politics' started by steveox, May 20, 2014.

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    GENEVA - A Swiss court has ordered a Russian billionaire to pay more than $4.5 billion to his ex-wife in what could become the biggest divorce settlement in history.
    In papers delivered Monday to both parties, the Geneva Tribunal of First Instance said Dmitry Rybolovlev, an owner of the French soccer club AS Monaco, must pay 4,020,555,987.80 Swiss francs ($4,509,375,184.80) to ex-wife Elena Rybolovleva of Geneva. Both are aged 47.

    The judgment also granted his ex-wife property worth 130.5 million francs ($146 million) in property in Gstaad, Switzerland, where the couple owned two swanky chalets. It awarded his ex-wife two other pieces of real estate in the ultra-wealthy area of Geneva known as Cologny, where the couple once lived together, but listed no value for either address. And it confirmed her custody of their 13-year-old daughter, Anna. The couple also has an adult daughter, Ekaterina.


    Now you wonder why you have men like O.J Simpson,Robert Blake, And Scott Peterson. Divorce is unfair to men. Men have no rights in this world. Just like a woman was order to wear a dress to work. Her boss told her 3 times come to work with a dress. She refused so her boss fired her she runs to the ACLU they take her case and she wins. Mel Feit whos a advocate for men he read the news in the paper so he decided to challege the system. He borrowed his wifes dress wore it to an corperate meeting and he got fired from his female boss so he runs to the ACLU and guess what? They wouldnt take his case. The ACLU doesnt protect equal rights as they claim they protect women and minorites.

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