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The real target

Discussion in 'Political Humor' started by reedak, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. reedak

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    May 1, 2014
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    During a holiday trip to Korea, Uncle Sam tried to emulate a herd boy playing a flute while riding on the back of a water buffalo. However, the sound of the flute attracted the unwanted attention of a tiger in a nearby forest. At the sight of the ferocious beast, the water buffalo turned abruptly to flee in the opposite direction, causing the rider to fall and hurt his shoulder. The tiger came so close that Uncle Sam could feel its hot breath on his face and see the blood vessels of its fiery eyes. The frightened man passed out but found his Korean friend staring into his eyes after recovering consciousness.

    "What has happened?" asked Uncle Sam, "Am I in heaven now?"

    "Not yet. Can't you see me here? It's too early for an energetic young man like me to be passed into the arms of the Lord," his friend laughed.

    "I am more fearful of passing into the arms of the tiger than into the arms of the Lord," the frightened man stammered, yet to recover from his shock.

    "Don't worry. You are in good hands after passing into my arms," his friend said jokingly.

    He continued after a short pause, "Fortunately, neither the tiger nor the Lord loved you so much that they would want to carry you away in their arms. In short, you were neither the target nor the intended prey of the tiger. When the villagers and I heard the tiger's roar and the dying water buffalo's piercing scream, we rushed to the scene. We found you lying unconcious on the ground, while the ferocious beast dragged the bloody body of its ill-fated prey by the neck into the nearby forest. The beast definitely preferred delicious beef to skin and bones. My brother and I carried you back to our home, and here you are, neither in heaven nor hell."

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