9/11 the political move.


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Jul 14, 2006

Can we not just remember . . . can we not just honor . . . can we not just cherish . . . the dead on that fateful day?

U.S. Rep. Jim Moran, D-8th, lauded the “perfect professionalism” of Arlington's public-safety personnel, who responded to the Pentagon after the crash and won worldwide accolades for containing the damage with no additional loss of life.

He also praised the community-wide outreach effort that occurred after the attacks.

“Arlington has woven together the fabric of a community that can't be torn apart,” he said.

But Moran then maneuvered into more sensitive ground, suggesting that the country was not safer and intimating that the Bush administration's foreign policy was headed in the wrong directions.

“More people hate us,” Moran said, a comment that drew an outburst from the crowd.

“My brother died on 9/11 - don't make this political,” a woman in audience cried out.

Moran continued, calling on the nation to address the root causes of terrorism by the 10th anniversary of the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.
Where and when was he making this speech? I take it people thought it inappropriate as he was at a memorial service of some sort.
It seems in bad taste to politicizing 9/11 but 9/11 does have political undertones to it. I don't think memorial services should have partisan politics involved. We should save that for debates and any other political stage. Our leaders should recieve a healthly dose of dissent; just not at a mass memorial (funeral).
Yeah very bad taste. While at a memorial service speaking to those who lost family in the attack is not the appropraite time to start talking politics. The only thing that accomplishes is alienating the people you are trying to reach.

He really couldn't have thought of a worse time.
Everybody mourns the loss of loved ones. It should be about their lives and accomplishments not forcing your agenda down people's throats. Very tacky!
It's something we'll always end up seeing, politician use quite often the chance to rely on tragedy to create unity for a while :(