A New Strategy to End the War

Sounds like it would be worth a try:


The biggest problem I have with this is actually partially touched on in the document, where it mentions that a one billion dollar reward looks very, very large to an individual. Here's the thing - so does a one million dollar reward. This plan assumes that there are people out there who could turn him in and haven't because the reward wasn't tempting enough - but someone on the lower end of the economic food chain wouldn't have much of a concept of the difference between one million and one billion. And even if they do - in the less wealthy parts of the Middle East you can have anything to your heart's desire with one million; all increasing that to a billion would do is to pile a little (or a lot, not that it matters) on top.

I don't think that just throwing money at this problem will work. Sure, we could make the offer, and maybe I'd be proven wrong (I'd sure like to be proven wrong in this instance). So long as we have the money to make good on the deal I don't see any harm in going ahead and implementing it; I just wouldn't bet on its success.
No. Of course it won't end the war. The war was not caused by him. The war was caused by Bush. He planned it before he was elected. 9/11 was Bush's excuse, but he would have found another one.
and bin Laden is dead.
the war will not stop until daily acts of Islamic terrorism stop.
Islam is the cause of lack of peace in today's world.

You don't know that bin Laden is dead, that's just speculation.

If it wasn't for Islam the US would find some other reason to go to war, somewhere for some reason.
If Bin Laden were captured, would that end the war?

No, but capturing those responsible for 9/11 was the reason for our invasion of Afghanistan. It might not end the present conflagrations but it'd still be in line with what we're supposed to be doing there: holding terrorists accountable for their actions.
If it wasn't for Islam the US would find some other reason to go to war, somewhere for some reason.

That's a little pessimistic, don't you think?

Try to be an optimist. Think of all the countries we haven't invaded lately. :)
And I believe in the good fairy from the west.

Get real. Bush leaving office and the defeat of the war monger McCain will do more for peace and security in the US than believing in supercillious divine beings.