A well-reasoned vote against Obama...


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Aug 1, 2008
I have a court date (Finally! For an appearance in the flesh instead of paper alone!) and a plan and so far it is going my way so: you guys might have to acknowledge actual reality soon (or at least sooner than I originally thought):

Barack Obama is a man who has no right but only a privilege to hold the office of President and Commander. Only mothers and veterans have a constitutionally protected right to hold this office as both have shed their blood and risked death in defense of the constitution. Mothers and veterans need not ever see actual combat or actually become pregnant as they have proven willingness to risk death by volunteering. Barack Obabma has not. He is also a member of the Congress who declared war based upon bad evidence and then did nothing; as he advertises himself as a constitutional professor one would think that he would know what is or is not actual proof either for or against war. His vote against war? He reasoned that vote upon what is not proof and not actual evidence against war. He is also a member of the Congress that taxed all Americans except white, Christian males w/o representation as he ignored US Code and appointed two white males including a white, male, Roman Catholic Chief Justice to the US Supreme Court. This then had the effect of creating an invisible violation of church and state and is the active, open discrimination of women as both persons were Jewish and/or Christians, and women as less than is a belief practiced as true when it is not by these religions and as there is a mistaken belif that Catholics are 'allowed' to believe as fact re women (I know; I was raised Catholic). All Jews and/or Christians and predominantly Catholic and Roberts broke all the rules let alone the law when appointed as their is constitutional reasoning to appoint the oldest and we have a North Star - Stevens. Why should any American suffer Roberts for a couple of decades when he is acting w/o the authoirty of the US? It matters not what Obama's actual vote was as he did not invoke US code and did nothing to stop these appointments and/or later remove either man from that bench. Obama had options and had a means. Look up US Code; Sometimes you may discriminate if that quality - woman or Native American - is intrinsic to doing the job, the job of securing women equal protection thus liberty realized as justice.

Obama deliberately, knowingly and willingly set his sights upon schmoozing, manipulating and out right buying the office of President and Commander upon his fist day as an elected Senator as his own campaign manager confessed to in an interview…he was willing to break the law and did. He also defaulted or broke an honor bound contract between himself, john McCain and all American citizens by reneging upon his word to use public monies only in order to buy this office. As our governing documents are honor bound he has proven he is unfit to hold this office.

He proved he has no ability to agree to disagree or to tolerate opinions he does not share as he was a member of a church and called a Pastor his mentor but suddenly, when he received bad press due to comments that he himself did not make (said Pastor did) felt the need to sever all ties with his ‘mentor’. This is an example of a candidate who is a politician doing what ever he needs to do to become elected no matter how unethical or dishonorable. Last time I checked, it was possible to disagree with your mentor or to have personal beliefs that other do not share. The last time I checked? If a belief is true you live it out and Obama said he possessed the true belief that we were al equal and that was not dependent upon what you did or did not personally believe but dependent upon our universal truth or ethic.

Obama lied to the citizens; he snuck into Jacksonville and refused to tell anyone with whom he met or why. Later that day he made a very public appearance in Tampa to ensure that the media covered only his Tampa appearance. This was no accident yet he claims he is honest.

Barack Obama lacks the human ability to secure justice for women; he will never be pregnant nor give birth to a baby and so he lacks the human ability to end the unwar in Iraq in any manner that is just for America and for Iraq. As one of his ads stated that he would end the war ‘responsibly” he is delusional as due to the very nature of the Iraq unwar it cannot be ended or resolved “responsibly”as it not a legally declared war but only an actual war. Due to physics he cannot do a single thing he has promised nor improve our situation until he is reincarnated as a woman. He must also turn back the clock or travel in time and somehow prevent war from being declared. While not impossible he has not resolved uniformity and so he does not have this human capability – yet. Due to English, any person of the true belief that hope is audacious and that he is audacious for hoping - as hope is a basic human right – has shown himself to be incapable of ‘fixing’ our economy or of acting w/o fear.

Most egregiously He used the power to fund war to lame duck the person mistakenly believed to be the Commander in Chief in order to ‘teach’ him a lesson and to force a specific vote that the Democratic Party sought. So reprehensible was this action Joe Lieberman severed his ties to that party and stated that he was doing so as it was about what is just and what a duty is or is not.

I could go on and on such as: Responsible homeowners should not be made to pick up the tab for irresponsible owners as ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of the law, oil is exhausted as a fuel source so why even go there as there or continue in that arena a there is no middle road so all you are doing is prolonging the inevitable and: Barack Obabma has no plan – no actual plan – to resolve the unwar. The word “responsible” is not a plan and neither is withdrawal w/o resolution as Americans have died and for no named, just cause or reason plus, Obama has ZERO intention of ending globalization i.e. doing business with nations that cannot ever make good on any American investment aka the honor bond. America can only ever reap a return on her investment in nations that have honor - an ethic. Obama has no clue as to the actual, physical pain associated with grief as if he did he would not speak of ‘responsible’ when mothers have lost their children and the time for responsible action was years ago.

He has no control over his staff as I have told his staff to NEVER solicit monies from me yet they refuse to stop.

Personally. I despise Barack Obama as he had gall to meet with foreign leaders as if he had already been elected as the power to make treaties is that of the Executive upon the consent of Congress. The actual reason he did not worry about any consequences? 1, He (Congress) announced there will be no consequences and 2, he knows as fact that no vote – not one vote at all - has any actual legal power but only the appearance of it as a case proving this was heard in US Supreme Court and he was personally contacted more than once due to the fact he falsely advertised himself as a constitutional expert. We do not need yet another liar, faker and pretender and this citizen is not fooled. We also do not need a man who is willing to kill the innocent for an act of God a la Carhart. If you elect him will he allow Carhart to stand? CONGRESS makes law; he took no stand against Carhart; he did not reason and challenge it in any way whatsoever. Will he allow the war waged against women to go unchecked? My clue is: I read that he is for the “Do not ask do not tell policy”. It is illegal and it is also something else: One of the reasons our military is in ruins. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is based on appearance alone; it allows men who are gay to hold ANY combat position but does not allow women who are gay to hold those same positions; it also encourages persons who are supposed to be honorable to lie upon joining the military. The last place you want to encourage lying about your persons is within the military and in the office of President and Commander in Chief. It seems as if he will allow for the war on women to go unchecked…

Next up: McCain, as I am an equal opportunist and as we, the people have no liberty as not one ‘official’ choice for President is an actual choice nor is it just.

The definition of insanity is voting for the same things over and over yet expecting different results. Obama is more of the same. Are you insane? My fact, based on hardcore scientific evidence rising to proof and inviolate law of this universe that is not listed here in its entirety? Barack Obama is unable and incapble of serving as President or Commander at this time. Not forever but at this time.

Y'know, this morning I was looking for a new nation...then I said a prayer and went over the clues as I thought maybe I missed something or made a mistake as it's bad if the Sioux do not want their land back and Voila! The unified field and then the unified force kicked in as I had forgotten all about a poisonous snake I tried to catch as I did not know it was poisonous. And a childhood place name: Diamondhead. Not the Sioux the Cherokee!!!