Abolish the No Bandana Policy!


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Apr 22, 2007
Bandanas have been a fashion statement since the 60’s. I personally often wear a bandana because it holds my hair out of my eyes. It is unfortunate that many advisors in the higher ranks believe that we might have “gang affiliations” if found wearing any type of colored cloth on our heads. I have worn bandanas since I was a freshmen with no problem.

Today I wore a blue bandana all the way up till lunch with no harassment from teachers with very few problems. One of our vice principles stopped me in the hallway and told me to take it off. I asked her when the last time gang violence was present in school. She couldn’t answer that question because she already knew the answer was a long time ago. She simply told me my feelings and or opinions on the issue didn’t really matter because it’s flat out against the rules to wear any “gang affiliations” I told her I thought it was absurd to make me abide by a rule that not one teacher has ever enforced upon me.

If we are having rules like this one enforced now on something so small as a piece of cloth wrapped around my head, then the school should start truly cracking down on short skirts, offensive language, and baggy pants since those are all “against the rules.” Administrators might as well tell Muslim students they can’t wear turbans because it reflects “terrorist affiliations”.

I have been talking to one of our administrators face to face for days on end with my bandana clearly on my head without him telling me to take it off. I’ve seen him spot a student of Spanish origin with a bandana on and told him immediately to remove his bandana. This rule is not only being ignored by the staff, but it is creating racism for minorities in our school.

No matter what it takes, wether it be seminars to be held on real gang symbols, or actually enforcing the rule upon all students. This fashion bashing needs to stop or be appropriately handled now.

Sam Chapman
Well, at least I'm not the baby on the forum anymore...

Whether it be public or private, high school politics can be terribly oppressive. All I can say to you is that everyone in a school hierarchy, whether he be a teacher, a vice-principal, or an administrator, has to answer to someone. Keep taking your case higher and educate as many people as possible on it in order to really affect change.

Don't be afraid to take chances in making a statement but don't go so far as to negatively affect your credibility. As sad is it is, it is usually best to play their game in order to accomplish your ends. Failing that, go over their heads.
I agree that bandanas should be allowed in schools, just because they 'represent' gangs, dosent mean you support, or are part of a gang. I wear purple bandanas all the time, and as far as I know, there is no gang sporting the color purple, and yet, I can't wear it at school
Get rid of the gangs, not the bandanas.

That's the best idea I've ever heard. And I'm in total agreeance. The bandanas don't cause the problems, it's the people who USED to wear them. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I saw a gangmember wearing a bandana. I love them and wear them constantly, except, of course, while I'm at school. But.. only fourteen more days!
What a strange thing to say by a teacher. You're not allowed to wear any gang affiliations. So by her logic, you must have the intent to show affiliation with a gang for this to apply. Thus simply stating that you have no affiliation to a gang and the headscarf/bandanna does not imply this should be sufficient.