Al Sharptons Double Standard issue


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Al Sharpton has an issue about Sheriff releasing Paris Hilton early. Hes not being racist he said hes debating this issue cause shes a Millionare and poor people dont get the special treatment when theyre in jail like shes got. Oh Really?? If its not about race but about wealth how come he wasnt outraged when O.J Simpson got off the hook with murder?

Those two examples don't corrolate. But point taken. Anyhow, in case you didn't know, what Al Sharpton does is his livelyhood and is plaingly his livelihood. He's a filth eyeing bag of wind. Not to mention a threatening black-supremacist.
Another case of Sharpton being a media whore, and the media giving him the attention. I will never forget how disrespctful and inappropriate his actions of standing at the casket of the late James Brown. Standing there like a stump so mourners who go to visit and pay thier respects to the godfather of soul and have Sharpton turn it into a public appearance venue is very distasteful.
I dont think Paris Hilton should have been released from jail, nor OJ for that matter. Once again this is a loudmouth who will search for any spotlight the media will give him. Disappointment is the only thing that comes to mind.
And anyway, he sure as hell did say that it was partially a race issue. He was quoted as asking, rhetorically, if a rapper would be let out early. Sure, its just as much about the preferential treatment of celebrity, but on the same token, as far as Sharpton is concerned, its also about racial discrimination.