Alternate reality


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Apr 2, 2007
What would our world be like right now if John McCain had won the republican nomination in 2000?
Probably not much different.

One thing most people who were never officers in the United States military don't understand is the concept of contigency plans for an invasion of virtually every country (even Canada) and they are updated every few years. When we were attacked on 9/11 something far greater than President Bush went into affect...
But the question would not be how we'd invade Iraq, it is would we have? Would we be in Iran? I agree that 9/11 changed everything and was huge in everything that happened after but Iraq was still Bush's call.

I also wanted to aim at what the political world would be like, international relations. Could he have stopped 9/11?

Also McCain likely could have lost the election.
I believe that McCain would have made many of the same decisions President Bush has, and that the world would not be very different if he was elected President. I do however believe that Gore probably would have beated John McCain, since a lot of the support he recieved in the primaries was coming from Democrats that saw him as an easier victory. I believe that Al Gore would not have retaliated for the 9/11 attacks, and we would have suffered at least one more attack on U.S. soil. I also believe that with his interest in global warming, Al Gore would have placed much greater restrictions on many U.S. industries, which would have prevented the economic recovery we have experienced.