America, please, stop the lynching, "Legal" or otherwise.


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May 2, 2007
Huntsville, Alabama

Girl kills herself after fake "myspace" profile of a guy is used to hurt her feelings. Come on guys, it's wrong, it's not nice, but it is NOT illegal. The charges "illegally accessing myspace networks" is pure and simply a ridiculous charge. I fully expect some of you over emotionalized members to attack with the 'wel she deserves to be charged with something, that was wrong of her to humilate poor megan' Wrong, yes, deserves legal action, no. Yes I am fully aware of how morally wrong the actions are, but I cannot even begin to assume her liable legally for her actions in the sense she'd deserve any time in jail for it. I mean what comes next, a boyfriend who's tired of his girlfriend so decides to "emotionally hurt her" by cheating, she kills herself, now he's got a legal battle to look forward to defend himself from whatever charges eventually became legal precedent for the criminalizing of "humiliating and emotionally scarring" of another. Kids do it daily in school, people i the workplace, all over, everywhere. It's not nice, it's often morally suspect, but not illegal; nor should it be.