Anna Nicole Smith


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Aug 31, 2006
So I was just wondering what everyone thoughts were on her death? I am leaning towards some kind of drugs being involved only because in her last interview she definently looked like she was under the influence of something. I feel so bad for her daughter though. To lose her brother and her mother in the span of five months. I know right now she might not realize what has happened but someday she will.
From what I saw on tv yesterday, her mom believes it has something to do with drugs, too. I wouldnt' be at all surprised.

I'm wondering about the broo ha ha that's going to ensue trying to prove who the baby's father is. Just how many men will have to be tested, I wonder?
It's really odd. I was convinced her death was due to drugs too, but the medical examiner said yesterday that were was no evidence of drugs in her stomach.
I heard early this morning that the pills found on the stand next to her were in the name of her so called husband. Did anyone else happen to hear this. And now there is a thrid man saying he could be the father. I feel so sorry for that little girl. That and it just seems like everyone around her has forgotten that she was a person who has now died a very tragic death.
This is such an unmitigated mess that I don't even know where to start. My first thought was foul play, perhaps continuing something that started with her son and involving all the men who are claiming to be the little girl's father. But with no drugs in her system, I am at a loss.
Wow, I had not heard that there was no drugs in her system. The last I heard was that they were going to have to do tox screens and those would take awhile to get back. It sure is a mess.
Wait a moment, no drugs in stomach means diddlysquat...we have to check inhaled and intravenous at the very least.
Has anyone seen the picture thast is circulating around, suppposedly the contents of the fridge whe was using? It has inhaled style medications in there. Of course, now the next hing is whether this is real or planted for some reason.
Yes, I seen them the other day. It was Methodone and then there was some SlimFast? The weird thing is I didn't really see anything else in the fridge. I would think that when this happened that someone would have made sure that the drugs were taken out of the refridge. Unless they wanted them to be found? Who knows anymore, there are so many twists and turns to this whole case.
Here we are, twelve days after the fact, and still not a lot has been settled, other than the autopsy has been done. No burial arrangements, no chances for people who knew her to gather and mourn, no place for her fans to grieve.

No matter what one may think of Anna Nicole Smith and her shenanigans through the years, she deserves better than this.