Another Gun defense law in US in Missouri


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Jun 13, 2007
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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation Tuesday allowing Missourians to fatally shoot intruders without fear of prosecution or lawsuits.

The measure spells out that people are not required to retreat from an intruder and can use deadly force once the person illegally enters their home, vehicle or other dwelling, including a tent. The bill provides an absolute defense against being charged or sued for using such force.

“It ensures law-abiding Missourians will not be punished when they use force to defend themselves and their family from attacks in their own home or vehicle,” Blunt said in a written statement.

Under the old law, deadly force was justified only if people believed it necessary to protect themselves or others from death or serious injury.

The bill generally makes an intruder’s presence justification to shoot, or use other force, knowing the intruder could be seriously injured or kill. It does not apply in some circumstances, such as when the intruder is a police officer or when the resident was committing certain felonies, including murder, robbery, kidnapping or sexual crimes.

The new law takes effect Aug. 28.

The bill also includes a response to the Virginia Tech slayings. It allows court records ordering people to get mental health treatment, either outpatient or in a facility, to be sent to the national system gun dealers use to complete background checks before making a sale.

Previously, Missouri did not transmit mental health records to the database, adding only those with criminal convictions to the system.

The measure also gets rid of a state law requiring people to obtain permits from their local sheriffs before they can get a handgun.

Blunt signed the bill in Joplin and planned to promote the law in Cape Girardeau and Kirksville.

Now 3 states have self defense laws Missouri, Florida and Texas. This is all about taking the powers away from police officers.Police love to place you under arrest for shooting somerone even in self defense.Can you imangine State of NEW YORK or CALIFORNIA passing a self defense law? Criminals will keep on running until theres no place to hide.People are putting pressure on politicans to create Self Defense laws Such as Florida,Texas and now Missouri.These Self Defense laws are allowing we do a police offocers Job if they cant protect us.So Let em write up tickets cause its gonna be a time when the police station wont get a phone call theres a man in my house!
Agreed! Here where I live (just south of Kc Mo) the Police will and do respond in a timely manner and the few I have met carry themselves well, but: In those precious few seconds and minutes during a break in (or what ever) there is a lot that can potentially happen which is impossible to predict! I could care less about my T.V., my wal-mart special wristwatch or Grandma's favorite turkey platter handed down to me... They are simply material possessions that for the most part can be replaced.

My life and the life of my family is another matter altogether!