Anyone sick of Western Culture?


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Sep 29, 2006
I for one am ready to try something new. I find that living in a high-paced, high-stress western nation is starting to take its toll on me. It seems as though depression is a by-product is a biting urge to succeed above all else. Frankly I'd be content trading cool toys and some modern conveniences for a little peace of mind.
i tend to agree with you. i think much of society is far too focused on materialism to the detriment of other things. Perhaps you need a change in job or maybe just a way to find inner peace. Have you ever looked into meditation or anything else similar? It has helped with me
I suspect that Western culture is running itself into what some might refer to as an apocalyptic collapse of sorts, in that the trends and the cycles that most people are swept up in feedback on themselves and generate a perpetuating cycle. Alleviating this has always been a focus of several "non-western" (as well as western) philosophies and religions, exemplified by such aspects as ascetism or enlightenment.

To me, the main problem I have with "Western culture" is a broader subscription to prescriptive value systems. This seems to be fundamentally counterproductive to self-awareness and inner-peace.
How in the world do you definte "Western culture"? I mean, American culture is much different from European culture, isn't it? And aren't those both Western? And Africa is generally considered a Western continent, correct? But are African countries very much like America? A few, yes, but the vast majority? Hardly.
When I speak about Western Culture I am primarily speaking about the United States and Europe, but you're right I should have been more specific. Canada for example is much different from the United States, and even though Africa is just south of Europe, its value systems are much different as well. I think what I'm mostly concerned about is the huge emphasis on the importance of financial success in this country and many others in Europe. I mean, personally I graduated from a top university, but I don't make a whole lot of money at what I do. Therefore a lot of people have considered me a failure simply because I'm not making astronomical sums of money after getting a good education. My values lie elsewhere from SUVs, big houses, and expensive toys.
My values lie elsewhere from SUVs, big houses, and expensive toys.

I know you will think im talking out my ass, but i think its a passing trend. Eventually we will wise up when we realize we are no more closer to "happiness" as big fat gluttons.
I know you will think im talking out my ass, but i think its a passing trend. Eventually we will wise up when we realize we are no more closer to "happiness" as big fat gluttons.

False. I live in one of the richest towns in New Jersey, and if your parents aren't successful, you might as well forfet the notion of making friends.
I traveled to Guam a couple of summers ago, and it really sent me for a loop! Even though it's America, it is very un-western. No rushing around, no craziness, just enjoying life!
There needs to be more of that, I think.

I went to Central America and saw a huge difference. I had a hard time re-adjusting to the pace of life in the US. One of my friends told me he had to go to counseling when he came back from Chile once.
Speaking of locational discrepancies, I'll bet there are significant differences in paces within the nation itself. For example, in Australia, Sydney is the fastest (think a small and slightly less dangerous version of LA), then Melbourne, those two being the major metropolitan areas. Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and the rural areas are ridiculously relaxed by comparison.

In fact, there's even quite the noticeable difference between Sydney and Melbourne (having moved from the former to the latter two years ago).
Within the US you can find the extreme difference of pace, and you don't really have to leave all the comfort that Western culture gives you. I used to live in New York City, which is very fast paced city. Then, I went to visit a friend in El Paso, TX, and there I felt as if people all of a sudden run out of batteries! They were so slow for everything! No traffic, everything was very cheap, and people didn't really were in a hurry for anything. They took it easy! But I miss New York!
I grew up in Texas and am now in NYC ...when I go back it's as if life goes into slow motion and while it's okay for a visit, I couldn't go back to the manana mode at all. It's what works for you though.

Insofar as Western culture, I do think there's an entropy of sorts going on ...we're spiraling out with some stuff that may create change and not necessarily a good one either.
I also believe that while your surroundings and the society where you live influence your life, ultimately you are the one responsible for your own happiness. Changing places because you are unhappy, might not always be the answer to your feelings, and blaming Western culture sounds like a very generic thing. Just my humble opinion.
I don't know what you mean by "Western Culture." Do you mean the way of life in general, or something specific about how things are done in the US? I'm not following.
I think the discussion is about the difference between culture in the Western countries and the Eastern ones. By Eastern, I'm including the Middle East and Asia. There's been a lot of talk by the Muslims especially about how they don't want Western culture infringing there, pop culture, products, etc.