Ben Feller of the Associated Press lies about Obama


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Jan 6, 2008
How unsurprising it is that the left has a hissy fit whenever Fox News says something wrong, but oddly silent when their own mass media outlets make wide spread lies all over the place.

Mr. Ben Fullofit Feller, today posted, an article titled "Obama sets firm date to end Iraq war he inherited".

Near the bottom of the article he makes this statement:

The president who voted against the war as senator and ran against in his upstart White House bid said the Iraq conflict is one huge, painful lesson.

Voted against the war? The war vote was in 2002. Obama wasn't a senator until 2004.

He also remarks that:

He applauded the armed forces for its successes in Iraq, where U.S. deaths and violence in many parts of the country are significantly down.

He never credited Bush's buildup of troops in 2007 as contributing to those improvements.

Although he unsurprisingly didn't note that Obama voted against the surge the gave the results he applauded.

Just another example of media distortion and bias we've come to expect from the large partisan hack media.

Of course the erroneous article was caught by the neutral and highly dedicated editors at most news outlets except for International Herald Tribune, USA Today, ABC News, Huffington Post, News Week, Seattle Times, Las Vegas Sun, Star Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and a large host of others, not to mention dozens on dozens of internet news outlets.