Big Oil to be awarded no bid contracts in Iraq.

It's nothing to do with liberals. You people are paranoid with hate.

Iraq was invaded by USA because saddam was selling cheap oil because USA s sanctions were biting. We can't have some arab telling us what to do can we.
Operation freedom?? Bullshit. Confiscate the oil more like it.
Your not very well informed now are yoi because it invaded other nations and was a threat to the entire region saddam wanted other nations oil because. They were broke . ALSO HE WAS SUPPORTING TERRORIST and was abusing his own people torturing them and his son was kidnapping young girls and raping then complain and you went to his private prison where they use a drill on your body burned you cut you beat you shoved glass tubes in your penis and broke then . he was stealing money like putin and using poison gas on the Kurds. Ot had nothing to do with oil only pin head anti americans commies and socialist . why dont you go lay down and read some besides socialist commie lies