Bush vs. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

I guess it couldn't hurt but why bother? The president doesn't even debate with Americans, why would he debate a foriegn leader? I see this as a "one-uping" tactic. Mahmoud wants to prove himself to the world and he wants to use Bush to do it.
This is not much else other than a simple showmanship tactic. If it goes ahead, watch Mahmoud's rhetoric. That "wire" would come in real handy right about now...
Probably not a bad idea but i don't think Bush would do so good (especially with a world-wide audience)


I actually hope it goes ahead. We could do with the (hopefully) open debate

I can's see Bush agreeing to it though. Especially without censorship. Who knows what would come out of it.
Bush couldn't handle himself properly enough to undergo an uncensored debate with another world leader... I think he is aware of the damage that could be done should he make the US look like idiots in public forum.