Nurses infecting children with HIV face death.

From the article, it is unknown as to who is at fault. Did the nurses purposely infect the children? Or was the hospital contaminated before the nurses arrived?

I am leaning towards the latter. It is much more believable that the hospital was dirty, then to think the nurses were knowingly infecting kids with HIV.
I don't know which is the case, but it is trajic either way.
I suppose we will find out when more information is made available.
Stuff like this really makes my heart skip a beat. As far as I'm concerned, regardless of if they did it knowingly or not, it still happened and that's what freaks me out.
From reading the article it says they were tortured into a confession and the original conviction was overturned. I am more inclined to beleive the outbreak was already at the hospital. This is not a country I have much info on when it comes to medicine standards and practices. But it would seem to me for an outbreak like this to occur the hospital wasn't following the type of sterilization and disposal of contaminated materials like we are used to in the US.

How sad for those poor children though.
Wow, I would have sympathized with medical errors... but having done it on purpose is sick and bordeline inhumane.. wonder what'll happen with them.
I would like to remind everybody that presuming that the nurses were not framed and did indeed do this on purpose, that such events occur everywhere to varying magnitudes on a more common basis than you probably would want to believe. There are also incompetent doctors who are disbarred but continue practicing who acheive much the same effect. Scary huh?
It would indeed be scary if this wasn't a single event, but rather "one of the few." What would drive someone to do that though, I do not know...
I would sure hope that the nurses did not infect them intentionally. That would be just sick. Whatever caused this it needs to be solved. I would think that the conditions of the hospital would have had something to do with this. I can see one nurse doing this, but to be able to get a group of nurses to do the same thing, i don't know. Just to clarify i don't mean that i understand one nurse doing this, i just mean you would have to have alot of crazy nurses to have more than one that would think to do something like this. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this soon.
I am still not sure about the particulars of this one, I don't know if the infections were caused by environment and/or procedure, or if these nurses were intentionally infecting them. But I sure do hope that it was not a case of the latter.
Were I to do some vague analysis of the facts presented, I would hardly think the latter is likely. Not unlike a bad porn story, this case would require the suspension of disbelief long enough for the outrage to set in and sweep away any vestige of reasonable judgment.
Worse things have happened, and been overlooked by those in power. I would not rule the possability out completely.