China denies request for German frigate to make port call in Shanghai


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May 1, 2014
1. China has turned down a request from Germany for one of its warships, which is sailing through the Indo-Pacific in show of support of its allies, to make a port call at Shanghai, according to the German foreign ministry.

The 4,000-tonne frigate Bayern set off from Wilhelmshaven on August 2 for a six-month journey to the Indo-Pacific to strengthen German presence in the region, the first such trip by the German navy in 20 years.

But Beijing denied its request to stop in Shanghai, the German foreign ministry said on Wednesday.....


2. There is a Cantonese idiom 你做初一我做十五 meaning an eye for an eye or tit for tat. Instead of lecturing or protesting to the US and its allies (who certainly turn a deaf ear) for their so-called “freedom of navigation” operations to East Asia, China should conduct its own “freedom of navigation” operations to the West.

It could benefit China and Germany if both countries agree to allow their warships to make mutual port calls. The benefits to China are obvious:

(a) The shortest route for Chinese warships to Germany (and perhaps later, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Russia) is to sail eastwards across the Pacific, pass through the Panama Canal and sail across the Atlantic to Europe.

If an agreement on mutual port calls could be reached with Germany or any European nation, it will be the first time to find Chinese warships crossing the Atlantic. Such a voyage will surely be historic!

(b) The US will have no grounds to protest against Chinese warships crossing the Atlantic as it frequently emphasises its rights of “freedom of navigation” operations in all corners of the world.

(c) The US will wake up to the reality that its era of maritime monopoly is over when it finds Chinese warships crossing the Atlantic.

(d) If China could make mutual port calls with friendly European nations, if the warships of China and other nations could conduct “freedom of navigation” operations in all seas and oceans, the maritime monopoly of US and its allies will certainly be broken.

(e) The days when China patrols the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico to safeguard peace and stability in the Western Hemisphere under its "Pacific Euro-Atlantic strategy" won't be far off. :)