CNN/WMUR poll has Richardson in top three

Mar 20, 2007
Bill Richardson has moved past John Edwards in the latest CNN/WMUR poll out of New Hampshire. Richardson has continued to be the only Democratic candidate to make consistent gains in the polls, and this shows he deserves to be named among the top tier candidates.

July 2007

Clinton 36%
Obama 27%
Richardson 11%
Edwards 9%

In addition to this, USA Election Polls has predicted that Richardson will win the Iowa caucus due to his unmatched gains in the polls.

Lately he has been moving into the top 3 in straw polls among caucusgoers in Iowa and now New Hampshire, and people are beginning to pay attention to his progressive stances on the war in Iraq, alternative energy and the environment. He has appeal from both sides of the aisle, and I think we will see a big push in his financial support as more and more become familiar with his leadership, his vast experience, and his potential to win not only the Democratic nomination but also the general election.