Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
Where do you guys get your kicks from?

For me, it's 'Da' Ali G Show. I am obsessed with Borat! Sacha is a freakin' genious!
I am a Comedy Central fanatic. I love watching The Daily Show/The Cobert Report, Mind of Mencia, Drawn Together, South Park, etc...

I also love Family Guy.
"Don't touch that dial.....and if your TV has a dial on it, get yourself a new TV"

Indeed. I'll never forget when he interviewed that Senator who was supporting the 10 Commandments to be displayed in the Courtroom, and Colbert asked him to name the Commandments, yet he only knew three!
Lessee...I get my kicks from the ironies of life.

That...and Family Guy, Futurama, sometimes South Park, whenever a Jackie Chan cult movie is on...House...the news...

For somebody who's relatively humorless, I see humor in a lot of things.
Family Guy, South park, The daily show, Colbert report, drawn together, the grimm adventures of billy and mandy...almost anything comedy central or cartoon network does it for me.
Oh man, Some of the best classics. And some of the most forgettable things too.

I have a hilarious video of me screwing up a (free-running) stunt that I have to post to one of those sites. Think "anally raped with a pole" blooper. Actually on second thought, maybe I'll submit it to a "stupid behavior caught on video" TV show.
Comedy Central is great I love Reno 911, & Chapelle Show when it was on. I still like the Simpsons & Futurama. I love to watch reruns of old shows though when I want a good laugh.