common sense


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Mar 30, 2009
All of our problems that are becoming more obvious to each of us are not rooted in the seemingly moral dimise of this nation, but rather in the lack of understanding of what the fundamentals of our problems really are. All that we see today are only the consequences of our problems and not the problems themselves. Our problems are rooted in the lack of understanding by the average American of the fundamentals that govern our lives and allow our lives to exist in the manner that they do. If the truth were known about where our money comes from,what "Fiat money" means,what"OPEC"and"Hubbards Peak" really means,what the "Exponential Function" means when applied to Oil, Gas, Coal, and Population really means, of what war really means there would be a wave of urgency and fear sweep across this nation that would be unmatched in history. I believe that most of us have an inherent feeling that our course is leading to something bad, and that something will have to change soon. We must replace these feelings and myths, with truths and facts in in a easy to understand way in order to change the easily predictable results that we will all be held accountable for. If you do not share this belief than I would encourage you to read "Common Sense for America" why your life and your country are about to change" or just google the following things"U.S. Constitution""Hubbards peak" "OPEC""Fiat Money" "Fractional Reserve""The great dying" "Population growth""DR. Albert Bartlet" at Colorado university, "GMO""Terminator Genes" "Linda Peeno" "World War One" World War Two" "Korean War" "Vietnam War" "Iraq Wars" "Civilian casualties". We could go on and on, but all that I ask in closing is for you to put yourself in the shoes of one this nations young soldiers. How would it be for you or one of your children to have freely taken an oath to defend the policies of this nation, to then be sent to a foreign land that you have probably never even heard of before, you have soundly defeated any opposing military in record time, you are then asked to police these countries and cannot even speak the language, but you do so,you have seen up close and personal what war really is, all of your illusions and mis conceptions about the brutality of war have long passed, you have seen women,children, grandmothers and grandfathers die by the thousands, or hundreds of thousands, millions of people having to leave their homes and hope for the best somewhere else, your fellow soldiers and friends have died by the thousands, thirty thousand more terribly wounded, you have been their dealing with these things for year after year after year, you are now being told that you will remain there for many more years, but you still put your boots on every day and go risk having to kill or be killed. You then look back to your country after all of this for support from the homefront, for some acknowledgment that all of the sacrifices that you are giving mean something to your country, that they care, and show they care, by the government, and the media, and the people. So you then check on the home front to see if they recognize that your buddy just got killed, and you find your country seems to be more worried that the f***ing Dow lost a thousand points, or oh my God housing values are declining, and your pain and suffering have been reduced to a three second scroll across the bottom of the news cast, and barely even mentioned by your countries official spokesman. What a insult that must be for our soldiers. I do not claim to speak for a single soldier, or anyone else, I have also lost my job and am deeply worried about my childrens near future, but before I go in to the woods to become a hunter gatherer I wanted to atleast say openly to anyone who cares to listen that from the depths of my heart I offer my sincerest appology to those who have freely chosen to defend me and my children and my country. Although you are not deserving of the consequences that this country has put you in, you have honored us in every way and we here back at the home front deserve by our action or inaction the consequences of our lack of judgment. Thank you for your time. Common sense.


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May 22, 2007
Did you write that for a Freshman English assignment? If you did, expect a low grade due to not using a spelling corrector, no paragraph structure, etc.

Do you think that a lot of people will decline to read it because of the lack of structure (separate Paragraphs)?

It is a poorly written mess. Clean it up and resubmit it.