Common Sense II - America Betrayed


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Apr 7, 2007
On January 10, 1776 a pamphlet entitled “Common Sense” was anonymously published in Philadelphia. Written by Thomas Paine, Common Sense logically argued the reasons why the American colonists should govern themselves rather than be ruled by a monarch who sits some 3,000 miles and three months travel time away.

Paine’s little booklet sold 500,000 copies in the country when the population was 2,500,000, or one copy to every five persons.

Officers read Common Sense to their soldiers, teachers to their classes, parsons to their congregations. George Washington was endorsing its “sound doctrine and unanswerable reasoning.”

Thomas Paine contributed as much with his pen as Washington with his sword to the creation of this Republic. The reason his little book was so successful was because “it made sense,” appealing to the person on the street.
Common Sense II, inspired by Paine’s pamphlet, is intended to arouse the insight and spirit of the true nature of our form of government . . . of freedom.

One hundred copies of this booklet passed out can become 1,000. One thousand can become 10,000 and10,000 can become 10,000,000. To duplicate the effect that Paine’s Common Sense had on the American people in 1776 would require the distribution of 56,000,000 copies of Common Sense II.

The American people are the foundation of our concept of government. The strength of that foundation is dependent upon our knowledge and applied common sense.


What is really happening in America and the world today? Dedicated individuals have been asking the same questions and researching the answers. This booklet is a modest compilation of some of this work. It has been organized in such a manner as to answer some of the most perplexing questions of our times.

Americans have grown up believing that they live in the best and freest nation in world history. However, closer inspection proves that the U.S. government has been secretly stealing freedom from the American people for decades. Challenging government usurpation of our inalienable rights in government courts reveal an entirely different authority than what we were taught to believe exists in America.

This booklet shows how our form of government was designed to function and how it functions today. It also describes how certain organizations and individuals have taken control of our constitutional republic. These individuals and organizations have managed to reverse the constitutionally intended order of sovereign citizens as masters of government servants.

The analyses within this booklet are from the best available information to date. The issues proposed are stated in general terms so that lines of logic and common sense are able to become clear; it is intended to inspire further thought and research.

Though the forces aligned against the common man may seem overwhelming, centuries of fraud and deceit through freedom-violating unconstitutional acts of Congress could be repealed with the simple stroke of a constitutional pen.

Please research for yourself anything in this booklet that you cannot accept. Our only desire is to see the foundations of our country restored and secured to their proper standing; that the sovereign state citizens of our nation be reinstated as masters of government servants.

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