Computers 75 years from now


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Let me tell you what i learned from them. 75 years from now computers will do a lot more then youre doing now.Look what computer can do now. You can watch tv look into satelites you can do bad things like hack.but computers can solve problems and get certain answers. But they cannot look into deep space.They cannot solve medical problems they cannot fix and repair things. But it will be far imagine than we ever thought of. But i only wish i can look into deep space i mean way past our solar system. Look into 100,000 light years into space and see the planets. So what do you think?
Computers in 75 years, who knows? As for seeing into deep space, try this site for some good pictures from the Hubble telescope:

If you are interested in looking into space try:

If you join you actually get control of your choice of several astronomical telescopes (up to 20" I believe) to look around, take time exposure photos, etc. If you are interested, the fee is minimal and the interface is beautiful.