Constitutional Amendment


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May 29, 2008
There is a very strong constitutional amendment happening in the legislative sector of the state. It is related to the creating of the Texas rail relocation and improvement fund. This is also equally meant to be in concern with authorizing grants of money. The last point related to the matter of concern is the most one and it is the issuance of obligations for financing the relocation, rehabilitation, and expansion of rail facilities. There are many anticipations and many kinds of notions related to this particular proposed amendment. The ideas are coming up in varied ways. Some believe that this proposal would create the Texas rail relocation and improvement fund. This group also believes that this particular amendment would provide the Texas Transportation Commission with some advantages. This proposal is for the application of certain possibilities led by the Texas Transportation Commission. David Disiere the chief reporter of one of the local dailies said that by following the proposal the Texas Transportation Commission will get the power to issue and sell obligations to fund the relocation and improvement of privately and publicly owned passenger and freight rail facilities for the purposes of relieving congestion on public highways. These applications will undoubtedly enhance public safety, improving air quality, and expanding economic opportunity. This is an appropriate proposal for community welfare and social upliftment. The obligations are stressed so far that they would be payable from the money in the Texas rail relocation and improvement fund. The amendment is so worth that it would also authorize the legislature to dedicate to the fund state money. This is the money that usually is not dedicated by the constitution. With the application of this amendment many such opportunities and facilities will get nurtured for sure
A long time ago, a rail was considered that would go by the highway from Dallas to Houston. That would have cut down on a lot of pollution but nothing ever came of it. We need trains going to and from cities. Also, rapid transits within metropolitan areas (i.e. DART). This would alleviate the shoddy airline service too. A simple remedy. They say it's expensive but so are creating, extending and repairing roadways.
May be a good idea, but Rail Funding does not belong in the state constitution so far as I am concerned. Make it a law maybe, but the Constitution should be held for more important matters that are not likely to need to be changed. Rail funding in 2060? I doubt it will be the same, so keep it out. Its hard to take it off I am sure once its there.