Could this be real?

No i hope it is ISNT REAL!!!!!

Geez....... The internet can be a playground of fake media so lets hope THIS IS A FIGMENT OF SOMEONES IMAGINATION!!

This clearly seems to be a fake. Look at the way the "shark" moves, or rather doesn't really.

Additionally, the lack of fear in the two people that he surfs by is somewhat telling. If you were sitting on a surfboard and a big shark was coming your way, you wouldn't just be sitting there.

You can also see the wake in front of the shark at one point, which is clearly a boat wake pulling the "shark" and the surfer.
PLC1 said:
So disappointing. You just cant trust anything you see on the internet to be real, can you?
Its very hard to!!

But in this case for safety I HOPE IT ISNT REAL!! (That could have ended badly)