Cuba resigned to living in a dictatorship.


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Aug 31, 2006
I seen on the news this morning that when Fidel Castro dies that his brother will be taking over. They were saying the 70% of the people in Cuba were fine with this or resigned to the fact that they cannot do anything about this. I don't know why but I was hoping that the people were just waiting until Castro died and then would try to revolt or something. But I never really thought about it until today but some of the people over there only know Castro and his regieme. Just thought I would throw this out here and see what you all had to say about it.
I think the US embargo did more to damage the average Cuban's quality of life than Castro ever did. <speculation> in the eyes of most Cuban's I would bet Castro isnt the enemy, the US is. </speculation> I'm a fan of democracy, I'd rather Cuba was a democracy instead, but its time for the US to get over its fixation on screwing over Cuba's people. If you think about it their isolation has cut off their perspective on what alternative/better systems there are out there for them, its probably helped Castro stay in power more than it hurt him.
I think only time will tell. I have a feeling that the perceptions we get from the media of what is going on in Cuba are a bit skewed. A switch from dictatorship, which is all many people have known for their entire lives, would be jarring. Just think back to Spain; many had wished they had that back.
I would agree with you that we have probably done some damage in the eyes of Cubans. But if they thought the US was the enemy why would so many of them risk their lives to come to the US? But in the end I think you are right only time will tell.
Some like it hot, and some like it not.
Some like to watch as the world goes to pot.

Well, rather, humans can adapt to seemingly alien conditions in so many ways.
That is true, Dong. It's sort of like a make-do-with-what-you-have situation. You can either choose to live with it, or do something about it (via escape, uprisings, or other means).
You are right in the sense that if it is the only thing you have ever known than you more apt to just go with the flow.